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Videos and Pics


The same twitter content must be on Facebook

Revive Old Post NOT solution

Not a solution:

First we try with Revive Old Post, the same plugin we use for WP to Twitter.

The problem is that we need to wait for a verifications.

Due to Facebook policy changes which is affecting all users; you’d need to put your app in Live mode to connect to your website. Doing so, however, requires a review of your app from Facebook.


IFTT Solution

We choose to use IFTT as a solution, because we successfully implement it in for WP to Twitter.



How to setup


The setup process is identical to setup process of Retweeting or all other IFTT tools.

We use an applet to connect between Twitter and Facebook page.

All steps of IFTT setup applet can be found on IFTT page.


Applet used:

We use an applet called “New Tweet/Pic from Twitter goes to Facebook”.

Testing & Results

How to test:

  1. Wait for a new tweet to be twitted
  2. See if it will go to Facebook Page
  3. See if the post have image, link or all needed attributes
  4.  After some time compare Twitter feed and Facebook feed. They must be identical.



Now with the last applet, Twitter to Facebook works without problems.

Problems & Difficultis


Twitter to Facebook posting is not working since August 2018

Since August Facebook disabled all posts from Twitter.

Source: Twitter

Important: A recent update to the Facebook Platform Policies ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to your Facebook profile or page

We need a different tool, which will make the work.

There is no free or paid software for publishing from twitter to facebook.

Twitter stopped all auto-tweeting bots and Facebook stopped all publishing services. Facebook wants all publishing bots or services to be approved by Facebook. This leads to death of many tools. All information in the internet became old and unrelevent.

This cause a lot of new research and tests.


Many tools must be tested. The only working solution for the moment is IFTT

Revive Old post was setuped properly, but on last step they want a verification of Facebook.

The verification process requires a lot of information about the publisher and the company.

We applied for approval and now have to wait 3-4 weeks.

In that time we implement IFTT as a final solution for the moment.

Twitter to Facebook image problem

We have a problem with images in Facebook from Twitter.  They are in very low quality and makes the whole post to look spammy.

What has facebook to do with.

The IFTT applet search always for a image.


Change the applet with different one.

Twitter to facebook solution
Twitter to facebook solution

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Too frequently retweets

We retweets to frequently


The applet retweets too often

change the applet


Twitter-retweet applet setup
Twitter-retweet applet setup

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IFTT limit on retweets and accounts

Trello Task

They had somehow limitation on the applets and accounts. And we couldn’t run both snbchf tweet to fb page and dorgang retweets

IFTT applets not executing too often

Trello Task

Sometimes applet is not executed for more than 6 hours

  • No solution, but it seems that rarely happens
  • Invest sometime for other users with the same problem, but nothing important
IFTT FB to Twitter bad image

Trello Task

We have a problem with images in Facebook from Twitter. They are in very low quality and makes the whole post to look spammy.

  • The IFTT applet search always for a image. Solution is to change the applet. But the new applet was not working, so I had to switch back to the old one.
  • Next we needed to find a solution how to stop posting image from twitter, but only the text. We edit the applet.
IFTT problem with two twitter accounts

Trello Task

IFTT had a problem using two twitter accounts on one IFTT accounts. All applets become a mess.

  • We introduce a second IFTT account for snbchf twitter (we had one for dorgang before)
  • The new IFTT account is in Keepass and email is [email protected]


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