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This page provides and overview of our websites. It focuses on domain transfer and not of the transfer of DB and files to a new server.

For other support see the server migration

and our domains


Title Domain Purpose

and explanation

Price Domain Contacts Domain owner name
or Contact Person?
each year
Technical Contact Provider Login Login (handle) Address
or Domain Owner?
Privacy  Name and address in Whois………………………………                           Registered as Reseller yes/no?
snbchf.com Main website for SNB & CHF news [email protected] George Dorgan June-03 Gandi  – e-llusion Verein zur Verhinderung der Überschuldung der SNB NO  

Paris, Obfuscated whois Gandi-Paris


e-llusion.org Our IT company’s email [email protected] Nikolai Dimitrov July GoDaddy  – Kaliakra 7, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria NO Kaliakra 7, Plovdiv 4000 BG


economicblogs.org Main domain for our eco blogs [email protected] Nikolay Dimitrov June-27 Gandi Ellusion e-llusion Kaliakra 7, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria NO Kaliakra 7, Plovdiv 4000 BG NO


8.99 via namesilo
15.99 Gandi


only 8.99 on namesilo [email protected] George Morgan 2017-08-31 Gandi  – GM9933-GANDI Verein zur Verhinderung der Überschuldung der SNB NO whois.gandi.net

Obfuscated whois Gandi-63-65 boulevard Massena, Obfuscated whois Gandi-

syndic8.com [email protected] George Dorgan 2018-08-01 Gandi  –  – YES P.O. Box 81226





Story of George Dorgan

The story of George Dorgan and how he decided to create the snbchf blog is one part of the story.

George Dorgan is currently still assigned to his old company SFC Consulting. However, we have implemented a redirect to IET, the new company. Here he works as consultant for banks.

Another part of the story might be that George is assigned to Grail Securities, one major sponsor for snbchf.com.
The new part of the story will be the different Swiss central banks.

We have already realized a popup that could contain the story of George Dorgan and how he created snbchf.com.



Business Requirements

We would like to display the URLs of our different central banks, that represent different funds.

Most content for the Central Banks’ sites should be content from snbchf.com
Switzerland has 23 cantons, for each of them there might be 4 languages for displaying an URL, this gives a total of 92 URLs.

Examples inside the domain “centralbanks.ch”:
genevacentralbank.centralbanks.ch (English)
genfzentralbank.centralbanks.ch (German)


1) Show URL for different Swiss central banks.

2) schwyzcentralbank.centralbanks.ch and the others shows content of snbchf.com and keep their base URL

3) Make certain content specific/independent from snbchf.com, central bank-specific

Preprod Test Environment


This is our preprod test environments, on which we test software before go live on production environments.


Verify Domain Data

  • Find and read the email
  • Probably in the mail there will be a link to verify the domain data
  • Click the link and see the result
  • Execute the same for snbchf.com, if needed
  • This is email based, just find the emails with the text in domain folder

How the redirect works

We have to use the redirect email, because we got a conflict. We have an snbchf.com domain which is on the server. Then we send an email to @snbchf.com domain. But our emails are on different server. But for our server of the website, it still thinks that the email is on the same server and we never get the email. Because of that we need a redirect email, which is not on @snbchf.com domain.


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