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PRIV O49b Doc Pages and Trello Cards (cleanup required)

Page no: O49b

Doc Pages and Trello Cards


Videos and Pics

Doc Pages and Trello

Trello Card = Section

Trello Cards are the table rows inside one of the sections.

We use H3 or H4 + Underscore for the name of the Trello Card.


Modification of work: Chapter Name = Checklist Name

Doc Page Rules on Twitter Cards

Video Link to Trello


Chapter Name Checklist Name


Checklist of Trello = Chapter of Doc Page

Doc Rules on Trello

Doc Page Rules

Trello Doc page Rules

(no trello card)

Trello Summary

  1. Trello card has one working link and a page number.
  2. It also contains a link that goes into doc site.
  3. Some example of chapters are 1. Introduction or. Regular Tasks, 2. problems or Feedback, 3. Improvements –> Respect this order!
  4. Besides that chapters can also be different logical areas such as main functionalities.
  5. Chapters of the doc site go into the Trello Cards as Checklists.
  6. Chapters use H2 underscore, they contain several H4 Themes.
  7. Each new theme starts with H4 and new row.
  8. Each Theme must be keywords (3-4 words max).
  9. problem/Requirement and solution as bold text for each Theme.
  10. Sometimes other are used –> Llke “Advantages”, “Disadvantages”.
  11. There should be no red text –> If there are red text –> Solve red text.
  12. Remove red text by giving sufficient explanation.
  13. Or leave as Bold Question text Answer: not bold text (in two lines).
  14. For media use Media Titles and give right name to image before uploading.
  15. If you reference other pages, then link them.
  16. All links on the page must work.

Example of Doc Rules on Trello

General Doc Page Rules

This helps to check them.

A Trello card is a doc row or doc chapter on a doc page

Trello cards as Doc Rows, Chapters

Never use the Trello card name as page name !

use the object name as page name (or find the object name).

The Trello card is a chapter or a single row in the table.

Use chapters for dividing the  pages into different themes.

Example Thunderbird:

  • Regular Tasks
  • Feedback
  • problems

Trello Link to Doc Page ID

Trello Link to Doc Page Use Page ID in Link

(no trello card)

Trello Doc Board

Transfer Trello Doc Board into Doc Pages

Step 1) Doc board


We work on the doc board on the lists Copy Card into…

This can be ITSNBCHF or WordPress-Pro.

Copy Card into
Copy Card into


Step 2) Trello Cards


The Trello cards that go into our documentation should as follows:

The attachment is on the right side, the text on the left.

Doc Pages on Trello Items 1
Doc Pages on Trello Items 1

- Click to enlarge

Step3) Find the page


We create out of it chapters on the pages.

Here. Page F11b  —> that page must exist, so Nikolay or George must create it first.

If there is no page, you must ask

Step4) Copy page into tiny table


H3 the chapter name

inside tinytable use H3 font

The Result is:

Copied Page

problem with Unattached pictures

On economic blogs, the posts are published, but she creates many unattached images.



The problem must be fixed feed by feed. The problem with Liliane is probably fixed.
The issue was caused by some hidden share buttons, which change some names of the divs on every refresh and FeedWordPress consider this as a new version. I fixed the feed now. But I STRONGLY suggest some one of the testing team to go through every feed and check if there is changeable content. This with cron for unattached media files will fix our problem forever.

Doc Pages on Trello Items 1
Doc Pages on Trello Items 1

- Click to enlarge

Step 5) Move into copied cards

Once this is done, move the card into

Cards are copied
Cards are copied

- Click to enlarge

Doc Page on Twitter Card

Doc Page Rules on Twitter Cards

Video Link to Trello

Video gives example about transferring Trello cards into doc page.

About This Page Cleanup


Older: Trello Cards Text and Pictures into Doc Pages

Rad makes a tiny table with text to the left side on our doc pages.
What should he write into the left side? When the image is named “Screenshot 2016-05…”?

When u upload files for documentation into Trello, we need a caption/text for the left part of the tiny table

The best way in Trello is to name the file directly correctly on the Mac desktop folder and NOT
“Screen Shot 2016-05…….”




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