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Calendar Apps



Requirement Calendar Type Finished Activity
View Calendar From Work
View Private Cal from Work
Integrate Calendar
Tagging and Analytics


Various Apps Verdict / Issues  
Example: Create from Google new Event in a certain calendar



Morgen is a Calendar application for Desktop.


  • Easy Drag and Drop




However I cannot see this Repeat this.


There is no repeat pattern on this event.
It is on one of my calendars.

Repeat this is only available for new events, but not for existing ones.


  1. Integration of various calendars. Finally I would like to get rid of Google calendar.
  2. Access from my work computer to Woven, while my private Google calendar is blocked there


For now I am able to do only 2).

Ad1) W

Ad2) This is OK

Ad3) See below

In summary, it is not worth for me to use a Premium subscription, because you lack the functionality.



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