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O41 Minimum Doc

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Minimum Doc Requirements





For more complicated tasks, George creates a video.
Often he also creates the doc page for it.

Tasks for the team:

  • Rad and Niki watch the video
  • Create a Trello card (currently George does do this)
  • Convert the video into MP4
  • Upload the video to Vimeo
  • Move the Video into a Vimeo album: For regular tasks and organisation these are R13, R30, R65, O40……
  • Each task that we work on we create two rows:
    • one row for the video with the problem 
    • one row with the problem
  • The rows contain text on the left side, text specific for the screenshot and text for the video.
  • Include the video on the page, but never the icon of the videos.


Media fails
O41 Media fails

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Video Link to Trello

This page contains the main requirements for our documentation pages, it is an overview page. Sometimes the content did not get copied on the detail pages O42 to O49.

There we copy the content from this overview page to the detail pages.



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