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#5 (Uniquely Qualified) For each Customer Problem, write one paragraph on why you are uniquely qualified to work on the problem, which may include your education, your employment, your beliefs or your passions. Write a second self-reflective paragraph on why you believe that you will be able to run a business that focuses on the Customer Problem for the next 10 years. (1 Hour)

Customer Segment 2: PromoteAuthor
for authors and influences
Owner: More than 15 experience in the Finance and Economic area
5 years + experience in writing own blog

Passionate About
: blogging, structured writing, Finance, Investment
Why > 10 years:

1) Classic case of turning a hobby into a business.
if your interests and passions match what earn a living on, then it is sustainable.
2) My long-term intent is continue this business ( or call it hobby) also after retirement.
USP: Unique Selling Points USP1: Beautiful Author Pages: Focus on promoting the author
USP2: Auto-load of authors’ books from Amazon (link)
USP3: Less known authors are published, e.g. heterodox and Austrian economics
USP4: Content is loaded automatically from original blog via special RSS grabbing.


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