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P66 Tag Hierarchy

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Tag Hierarchy


  • Improve the functionality so we can have tags and child tags inside edit tags
  • Example: If you find Jeff Snider, you must link to tag Jeffrey snider




Parent tags
Parent tags

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Basic Tag Hierarchy

One post uses Synonym1. The post uses Synonym2. The 3rd post used Synonm3.
But all words mean the same.


Parent: Synonym1
Chidren: Synonmy2, and 3



Expected: When WordPress sees a child tag in the back-end, it will display the parent tag in the front-end.

Hence for all 3 posts it will display Synonym1.

This helps to create proper tag archives.

Status: Not implemented.

Use in Automatic Tag Creation

The automatic tag creation uses this functionality. When it automatically creates tags it uses the parent tag for the tag creation and not the child tag.




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