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#13 (Competitor Analysis) Make sure you know your main competitors. Select the top 10 competitors discovered through your Market Analysis work and your pre-existing knowledge of the market. List each competitor, grouped by logical categories, along with a link to their website. Write two to three bullet points about each competitor, remembering to search for the latest news about each of them. If you have not already, set up an alert service to notify you when articles are published on each competitor who you feel is a direct threat. (1 Hour)
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Competitors that integrate into WordPress

(original on F01)

Type Twitter API /
Twitter RSS
Feedly RSS Reader RSS Reader Full Import Full Import Full Import
Alternative Alt 1: Alt 2: Alt 3a: Alt 3b: Alt 4a: Alt 4b: Alt 4c:
Technology Super RSS Reader/Twitter API Feedzy WP RSS Aggregator FeedWordPress
Feed Aggregator Syndicatepress
Examples AlternativeEconomics.co
Parsing possible No Yes, Unlimited RSS feeds Yes, Unlimited RSS feeds. Automatic import as posts Automatic import as posts Automatic import as posts
Performance Without cache slow. Light-Weight More complex, slower Should be run at night Should be run at night Should be run at night
Public/Private Only public access Pub/Private possible Pub/Private possible
(Link or Post) Categories Yes Must recreate Must recreate
Cache No No Yes
Import to DB (Posts) No No No Yes Yes Yes


Competitors that create own databases

Only tools, not real competitors. They do not provide websites. They are more like RSS Readers.


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