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A53 Load Videos in Author-Backend

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Video Load from Author Backend

  • Load videos for all years with author name (Author Name, any number of video)
  • Create feed (used when video is really working)



  • Video Settings per author
  • Comments On/Off (set per author)
  • Current Settings: Months

Author Backend: New Functionality for Videos


  • Go to users section
  • There are new functionalities and buttons:

New Functions, Fields and Data

  1. Search Field: Additional field for a search.
  2. Role: We have additional roles for searching videos as explained here.
  3. Load videos  –> Searches and loads existing videos
  4. Add Feed –> Add a Video Feed from Youtube: Details see section below
  5. Videos: Displays the number of videos for this author

So we


Additional Search Field

Thomas Jordan and other users, did not work as Super Contributor

Due to common name
When searching for thomas jordan (I try with “Thomas Jordan” or Thomas+jordan, but it always gives us strange results like: Jordan Thomas or Michael Jordan or Thomas and Friends,

We skip them because the name is not the right one.

Additional field is introduced called Search Field

Example: Company Name, like SNB, Alhambra


Channel ID into Additional Search Field


Some users have a proper channel

we use the Channel ID as additional search
How to search inside Additional Search Field

Biggest task for today

Please take this Channel

Category = Global Macro

but we want to filter videos

Only videos with words
“Putin” “Rouble” “Russia” or “Ukraine” or “oil” inside Title or Text

We have this search key where we put the channel.
But how are the words inside the search key connected?
Is only one word allowed?
or several words?
and if several words, are they connected with AND or OR?
Please add the channel anyway, even if we cannot filte


Load Videos

Search Videos: Input Parameters

The Load Videos button searches videos according to

  • The user role settings (Contributor, Super Contributor, ….)  and
  •  the field “Search Field” (e.g. additional search data or channel ID)


  • Contributor  –> Search only Youtube title (standard contributor)
  • Super Contributor —> Search also in description
  • Commentator –> When loading comments from youtube (comment rights)
  • Channel Contributor -> Load videos from his channel
  • NoFilter Contributor -> No any filtering when videos are loaded
Search Videos: Function

The search videos function in the Author Backend uses the existing functionality described in the YouTube Functionality 


Search Video: Results

After clicking on the button, message appear with how many videos are loaded

We can also click on the number videos, a new page with all videos of the author


The button Load Videos can be clicked many times, depends how many videos the user have.
Finally there will a message “0 Videos loaded successfully, skipped 0”.

Show Videos Function

This button leads to a screen showing

  • All videos of this author


see screen below

Result Lists of Videos Loaded

New Attributes:

  • Author: The existing author on WordPress
  • Featured Image: Featured Image from Youtube
  • Channel/Publisher: Channel Name from Youtube
  • Categories: Empty for author feeds
  • Date: Date when the video is published




Single Video Loaded Backend

Link to Frontend


Custom Fields:

  • Video: The video is displayed on the right side in a TinyTable
  • Description: The vide
  • Channel Id: Channel ID from Youtube
  • Channel Name: Channel Name from Youtube

Link to Frontend

Key attributes:

  • Title: Name of video in Youtube
  • Video: The video is displayed on the right side in a TinyTable
  • Publication date: The date when the video was published in YouTube
  • Description: Youtube description

Create Feed Function

  • New button under User GUI called “Create feed”


Recommended: Use this function after all old videos are loaded

Feed Details

  • When it is clicked, a new page appear
  • There must be filled up:
    • Feed name – This is how our feed will be named (it is used only in Backend)
    • Category – It is not required, so this can be skipped.
    • Author – Choose author

Result Screens of Feeds Created


Key attributes:

  • Feed Name
  • Feed URL
  • Last update


Search Videos

Searching in only 200 first characters

Only 200 characters (example Mission Money puts author into first 200 characters, but not into titles)

Low prio for now

Publish Video Quickly

how to publish all videos of one user quickly, select all, quick edit, change status is missing


1. Slow way

  • Open all Posts of the author
  •  adjust number videos in page settings
  •  Select all videos of page1
  • Change status to Published
  • Go to page2
  • select all videos of page2 (if there is a second page)

2. Quick way

  • ScreenOptions change to 100, see screen, rest as above

Order by videos

We would like to order by number videos


Too much work, don’t do it for now

Video load from VideoFeed


  1. We generate web address with Youtube Loader
  2. write Channel ID:
  3. choose What Search:
  4. press Youtube Search button
  5. Then create channel feed with Links


Create New Link

When we want to filter videos

  • we use our post filter
  • Open Syndication Feed
  • and add the keywords we want to load

Filter videos



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