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Feedback and Introduction

Image Elevator is very helpful plugin, which has one feature, but it is a MUST feature. It saves a lot of time, when prepare documentation or when it is needed to attach media. The simplest function is that it uploads a image from your clipboard, which saves a lot of time.
The paid version has many improvements, like changing the URL of the image, which is very useful, too.

Definitely it is a plugin, which must be installed on every WP installation.

Video and Pics



Cannot copy the license from one site to another

Image Elevator: Remember that you need one license per site


Duplicated Videos

When we paste anything, videos in page are duplicated multiple times.

When we turned off the plugin “Image Elevator”, bug did not exist anymore. We think that the problem is in “Image Elevator” plugin, not in “ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder“.


Report bug for Duplicate Images

I wrote them an email with the bug explanation.

We are a paid user for Image Elevator. There is some conflict with ARVE.

When we use both of the plugins, the videos of the ARVE get copied 3 times each video. This is very annoying. I think it is something with the onpaste jQuery function which both of the plugins are using. Probably one of the plugins is overwriting the other ones and goes to this conflict.

If you want, I can reproduce the bug in a video or quick teamviewer session.





After that we did a Teamviewer session with some of their support and I reproduced the bug.

The problem was that we stopped Image elevator for a test and activated ARVE.

The problem appeared again. So Image Elevator does not have any issue with the bug and the bug is only from ARVE.

Bug: Media button in post edit disappear

The button which is used to edit the images inside post edit disappear.


The problem is when we update wordpress and they change core part of their javascript codes. Then we can’t recognise where is the popup and the button does not appear. Then we need to change the ids to the new one.

Media button disappear


 Image Elevator Feedback

Image Elevator Feedback 2


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