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Swiss and European Macro



Swiss Statistics



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1a) PCloud: SwissMacro (Video)

Order the images by theme:
Consumer Price Index
Producer Price Index

Most Swiss macro data comes once a month and it tells you which month.

Create folder for each month under the theme.

201608 (for August 2016), 201609 (For September)

Better use names like 201608 Swiss Exports by Sector.jpg


Swiss Statistics

1b) Swiss Statistics Posts (category Swissmacro)

Pay attention: We do not want all posts from Swiss Statistics.
George should control if we want them.

For the new posts from Swiss Statistics (Swiss macro) you should

Swiss Statistics: When the German text contains only text → do not publish (golden rule)

Swiss Labour Force Survey 4th quarter 2016
Same as Link

→ Switzerland-labor-survey-2016-Q4

Create new tag for
“Switzerland labor survey” and add tag, also for old posts


1) We like Tourism, Inflation, Retail Sales, prices, no need to ask George

2) Copy the full table from PDF into the text (German version) Use Tiny tables for graph from copied PDF,

3) If there is no image, then copy the full table as featured image

For Pictures: ##snbchf\02b Swissmacro

4) Correct the small font in the middle of the text. Use h2 and h3 for chapters

5) Verify that the full release PDF link is there

6) remove first line  “25.04.2016 09:15  – Eurostat; FSO, Income” and remove later “Neuchâtel, 12.05.2016 (FSO)” from excerpt and meta description

7) Add Tags:

For tourism posts: “Swiss tourism“. All Swiss Tourism must have two tags in the media. Switzerland Tourism, Switzerland Number Overnight Stays.

For retail sales / turnover: “Swiss retail sales

For consumer prices: Use 2 tags:  Switzerland Consumer Price Index, Switzerland inflation,  use YoY, MoM in Title

For producer prices: Use 2 tags: Swiss Producer Prices Index, Switzerland Inflation, use YoY

For both wages or labor costs: Use two tags “Swiss wages” “Swiss labor costs”

Retail Sales Copy introduction from here.

8) Correct the URL slug:

Old Long URL slug: statistics-swiss-consumer-price-index-april-2016-consumer-prices-3


Same for our other tags:







Retail sales: graph from Here.

Title: Swiss Producer and Import Price Index, June 2016: +0.1 percent MoM, -1.0 percent YoY   (you can find the numbers in short text); Copy the introduction and add the graph for June. Use the snippet in all producer price index releases, so that the introduction is everywhere.

Shortcode is: [ProducerPriceIndex]

For the graphs we should put the PDF url as source !!!


time needed:


Done still today: yes

Last Post: today



Improvement, Less  Work:


Make Tiny Table

Count Pictures

Write Confluence

Publish yes or no



Only for this feed:

Changing author with George Dorgan.

Adding English Words

1c) Add English Words inside the Swiss Macro graphs (video)

Some of Swiss Report posts are in other languages, which means that we need to translate some the whole post, also need to add some English words in graphs, so all readers can understand the graph.

Double Check

Pictet Double Check Swiss Euro macro

Double check posts name and change category if necessary.

Pictet Double Check Swiss Euro macro
R13 Pictet Double Check Swiss Euro macro

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Remove Category

Pictet Remove Category Make Primary

Have to remove Pictet Macro Analysis category and make as primary another category. Another category depends on that, for which category is the post.

Example for categories:

  • The United States
  • Swiss and European Macro
  • China

Pictet Remove Category Make Primary
R13 Pictet Remove Category Make Primary

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Parent Category Automatically

Pictet Automatically into Parent Category

Pictet category should be parent category.

Pictet Automatically into Parent Category
R13 Pictet Automatically into Parent Category

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Bulk Posts

Pictet Bulk Update Posts

Pictet Bulk Update Posts
R13 Pictet Bulk Update Posts

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Wrong Category

Pictet Posts Wrong Category

In this picture we can see, that there are some posts with wrong category. We need to double check the names of the posts and change category, depended on keywords or countries.

Pictet Posts Wrong Category
R13 Pictet Posts Wrong Category

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Categories Pictet New

Categories Pictet New
R1x Categories Pictet New

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Perspectives Pictet

Pictet Cleanup

Pictet Cleanup Categories

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Attached PDFs from Pictet’s posts are missing.

Swiss – 20/20
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Pictet Category

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