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URL Rules

  1. Find Dual Keywords
  • When our plugin removes dual keywords, put them into the URL again. See the examples in the video.

2. Write dual Keyword

3. Change URL so that the dual keyword is inside. George will help later


Title: Some Swiss cantons overwhelmed with confessions of tax evasion

Dual Keyword: Tax Evasion

Old URL: https://snbchf.com/2017/05/news-swiss-cantons-overwhelmed-confessions-evasion/

Corrected URL: https://snbchf.com/2017/05/news-swiss-cantons-tax-evasion-confession




(May 26, 2017)

 4. Add the dual keyword to our Manual Keyphrases List

Manual Keyphrases:

dot plots, dot plot, negative interest, negative rates, deep state, Washington Post, basic income, tangible value, fight club, trade deficit, trade balance, trade surplus, big mac, personal finances, sound money, precious metals,moving average, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Bank of Canada, Bank of Australia, wall street, tax evasion, working condition, mobile provider, commodity prices, oil prices, Silver Bullion, Gold Bullion,

Banking Woes, Bank stocks, Binary Labor, Bitcoin Price, Capital Withdrawal, Commercial Plant, Consumer Price Index, Currency Interventions, Deposit Bail In, ECB Meeting, Emergency Stimulus, Facebook Comments, Facebook Like, Gold Rush, Gold Vault, Geopolitical Risk, Honor Killing, London Attack, Liquidity Preference, Mobile Package, Nairu Barrier, Political Logic, Reference Rate, US Rate, US Curve, Palm Oil, Railway Tunnel, Rent Control, Value Added Tax, Seasonal WeaknessSystemic FragilitySystemic Blindness, Wage Acceleration, UK Election, Recession Watch, Jobs Condition,


Correct URL Dual words

Look at URL and compare it with Title

Often important parts got removed by stop words Checker.
These are phrasal words with two words.
Examples “free speech” “real estate”

problem example
Title is “Buy real estate”

Manual Keyphrases

Focus – Manual Keyphrases

G: On the draft posts

1) please always copy the dual keywords into the table

2) do not delete rows for published posts, when the dual keyword is missing

3) and include them in to URL, if they not inside

4) Add them to the post

V: we have to wait for dual keywords for every single post ?

G: You can publish, without dual keyword but we change later the URL.

!!! When do I delete rows from draft table?

I usually add the dual keywords after two days maximum.

u can delete published posts from draft posts confluence page after

1) you have copied the dual keyword

2) there is not dual keyword and two days have past

3) I wrote —– When there are two dual keywords:

→ Use the bold one as focus keyword, the other only copy into table.

 Writing Manual Keyphrases in a new column

(May 26, 2017)

Snider Dual Keywords URL


Snider has shit Titles and URL. We must find better URLs and Titles


please provide for each post by Snider the 3 main dual keywords in the graphs.
I have written it in draft posts. Look into the graphs and see words like

  • Unemployment Rate
  • Current Account
  • in addition you should write the country, u usually see it in the beginning of the text or in the graphs if there is nothing then it is United States

Tag (with 2,3 words) is always a dual keyword (focus keyword inside post)

but not all dual keywords are tags

What we do later:

Old URL: snider-incomeNew URL: snider-real-personal-income-disposable-personal-income/

Old Title: Missing Income

New Title: Real and Disable Personal Income: What is missing?

Ask What for Dual Keywords in Snider posts

Ask What for Dual Keywords Snider

Dual Keywords Overview

(Jun 26, 2017)

Focus Keyword and Media URL

(Apr 06, 2017)


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