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Video and Pics

Graphs Imported No Posts

Explaining how to use Quick media edit for checking for grahps, which are imported, but not attached to post.

You need to check if the not attached image is featured image.

You need to check in the original source.



The problem is fixed.

Ecoblogs problems Formatting and Control

This is a quick video for it.snbchf about problem in formatting of the doc page.

We should work on Author table, because we have stupid things in it.



This issues are fixed.

Create Checklists for CSS Issues

This video is about checklists and how we need to create checklists for different issues.

In this video is showing how to make a checklist of css issues from Acting man feed.


Performance issues

For Google (SEO) and for the user (Low bounce rate) is important to visit a site, which is fast enough (no more than 3s. for load). We make tests on every biweekly report with different tools like zoompf, pingdom, webpagespeed and etc. If there is problem, we document it. And after that we work on problem.


Bi-weekly: Performance issue from ZoomPF




Bi-weekly: Performance report from Pingdom


Bi-weekly: Performance issues from WebPageTEST


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