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Video and Pics

Posts About Inflation

Inflation: Always use these graphs
United States, Core PCE Deflator

United Kingdom,  when he speaks of BoE Bank ofEngland

US Core PCE Index Archive
R14 US Core PCE Index Archive

US Core PCE Index Archive - Click to enlarge

UK CPI Archive
R14 UK CPI Archive

UK CPI Archive - Click to enlarge

FX Daily: Title and Tags: no MoM, only existing tags

You must use only existing tags!

Exception for MoM: U.S. Core Durable Goods Orders

  • No tag → No Graph.   You must find the text from image (alt text) in the existing tags. (small differences in naming like “average earnings” versus “earnings”). Put graph only when there is an existing tag for it.
  • No new tags for Daily FX for Eurozone, United Kingdom, United States!
  • No MoM graphs!! Only YoY or QoQ. Tell Gorge when u find only MoM

Daily FX Graph Japan Consumer Price Index
R62 Daily FX Graph Japan Consumer Price Index

- Click to enlarge

Switzerland Employment Graph

Daily FX Graph Switzerland Employment Level

  • Rule1: try to put the logo not above the text for the years
  • Rule2: FX Daily is usually 5 years –> Media Text: Jan 2013 – Jan 2018 instead only “Jan 2018”
  • Rule3: Swiss, Use max now –> Look how many years in graph –> Write in Media Text, for example “Jan 2008 – Jan 2018”
  • But Rule3 is only for investing.com graphs

Daily FX Switzerland Employment Level
R62 Daily FX Switzerland Employment Level

- Click to enlarge

Tags for Economic Graphs: Use ONLY Existing Tags, no new tags

Principle:  We will use always the same tag, in the same format.
George creates some base tags in the morning, here or in confluence.
Tags start with the country or with a central bank or with a market index


Daily FX -> Country Tags Examples

– Japan Money Supply
– Switzerland Bond Yield
– U.K.
– France
– Germany
– U.S.

Daily FX –> Central Bank tags Examples

– Bank of Japan Assets
– Bank of Japan ETF Buying
– SNB, Assets
– Bank of England, Assets
– Fed, Assets

Market Index
– MSCI Equites Index

Tag Archives and Graphs not from Investing


Decide which economic graphs to publish

Video 1 show you how to decide if you a graph into the post.

There must an existing tag. Otherwise you do not put the graph.

If there is no tag and Chandler speaks about it, then ask George.
Sometimes George tells you to create a new tag.

Define words in the tags

We write a description for all major tags

Example: http://fxwords.com/c/consumer-price-index-cpi-switzerland.html

SNBCHF Currency Pairs

We need to take a photo of the right currency pairs. For example in this video, we don’t like USD/EUR. The right pair in this situation is EUR/USD. Need to focus more before taking a photo for any currency pairs.

Wrong Order

into graph

USDEUR Wrong Order

- Click to enlarge

Correct Month of Daily FX

Final CPI and PMI come at beginning of next month
Data from last month

Flash for CPI, PMI April –> April 23   (same month)
CPI March –> March 23
write Flash:   April (flash)

Retail Sales often late: last month

GDP Q1, never month, Always use quarter

Text is not same as graph: Change date in media title

- Click to enlarge

The video explains:

: The tag archive for economic tags did not contain all posts.

Reason: The team did not copy the tags from the graphs into the posts.

Use the function “copy tags from graphs into posts” regularly.
(May 03, 2017)




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