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#15 (The List)

(S92 Vision)

set up an email mailing list solution with a professional email template.

Secure at least 10 people for

The List from your contacts who you will provide updates on your business to, and request support from, throughout the program.

Write a few sentences to describe the solution that you have chosen with a link to your sample email template. (1 Hour)

The following is a MailPoet solution that will be sent to all existing potential clients that we have gathered already. These are hundreds of people.customer segment:  authors and influencers

Link to solution here

#12 (First Mailing)

(S93 Customer Development)

Expand The List to include at least 10 more people, potentially including the customers that you interviewed.

Then, send your first mailing to The List that includes:

  • a description of your entrepreneurial and business journey to date,
  • including your decision to enroll in the Founder Institute, and some or all of the content from your Weekly Update, including the Asks.
  • Provide a link to or copy of your email. (1 Hour)
# Customer Segment2:
PromoteAuthor Model
we are currently in the process of addressing a far larger list of list with the story about our website.
#Customer Segment1: EasyBacklinks
no time yet

Story about SNBCHF or

Story about SEO : SEO Model

#12 (Second Mailing)

Expand The List to include at least 10 more people, including the experts that you interviewed.

Send a second mailing to The List with an outline of your final idea, your chosen Revenue Source, some or all of the content from your Weekly Update, your Asks and a request for feedback. List three key pieces of feedback or help that you receive. (1 Hour)


Acquisition Costs


#8 (Switching Costs) Based on your work to Interview Competitor Customers, write a few sentences about your thoughts on the amount of time and any related costs that a target customer might incur by switching to your solution from alternative solutions. (1 Hour)

Acquisition / Switching Effort:
Our customer archetype does not have ongoing SEO efforts. They have started some SEO, but stopped doing it. Given a reasonable price, we are able to penetrate into this market without considerable switching costs.
Given that we want to use sales agents, we incur certainly some switching costs. We estimated costs for sales agents to 20% of recurrent revenue.


#10 (Sales Follow-up)

(Mentor Idea Review) on FI

Follow-up with the Customer List and continue to work on securing a sale or commitment for revenue.

For B2B solutions, your goal is to get as many contracts or letters of intent as possible. Remember, the goal of every email or interaction is to get to the next interaction. Write a series of short follow-up emails that track to your Steps to Revenue.

Provide the copy of your emails, as well as the target follow-up timing.

Provide an outline of your sales pipeline, showing the number of companies at each step in the process. Provide any links to the signed documents that you are able to secure.

For B2C solutions, your goal is to expand the number of people from your Customer List that have either paid money for your Concierge MVP or submitted information indicating they will pay you. Provide an outline of the numbers that you have reached highlighting the conversion to interest or sales that you have secured. Write a few sentences on the challenges that you are facing to convert customers. Provide the names of any customers or potential customers that you have secured. (5 Hours)

Sales Channel 1: 
We have reached out for sales agents. We are using the following networks:


Which requires a minimum deal of 5000$ and 500$ per month.
This would be possible if we go with a price skimming strategy. Currently we are at 350$, half price of competitors.
Moreover we use the following networks for sales freelancers.
UpWork: Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace
Freelancer: Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs
Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur

In Switzerland, we use sites like Ricardo or Tutti.ch
But also Freelancer sites like https://wetalents.net/ or Freelancer Schweiz
Sales Channel 2:Startup companies are a typical example of our customer archetype. Open to new technology and cash-strapped, lower SEO budget preferred.
Therefore I am using the 
ImpactHub community that has around 2000 members only in Switzerland, this is our sales pipelineFirst achievements: Configuration of the internal messenger, so that I can get in contact with each 
#17 (Third Mailing)

Expand The List with at least 10 more people, including any Mentors that you have explicitly asked to stay in contact with. Write a message to The List that celebrates passing the Mentor Idea Review, shares some or all of the Mentor feedback and your Weekly Update content, shares Asks, and solicits feedback. List three items of feedback received. (1 Hour)



The next-level SEO solution

Dear Friends,
I am currently following the program provided by a Startup Accelerator called “Founders Institute“.

I also have created a new company called “Innobia” that sells our main product “RankUP“.

The idea of RankUP is to leverage on existing functionality that most of you already know from our websites SNBCHF and Economicblogs.org.

These sites are already able to do the following:

  1. able aggregate content from other websites and put it into our site.
  2. and additionally filter on freely definable keywords.
    Example: we could define the keyword “Swiss National Bank” or “SNB” and it only finds posts with this keyword, either in the title of the post or inside the full text and writes it into the category SNB.
  3. New content is always published again – automatically.

Therefore we call it a “keyword-based auto-blogger”. It terms of a startup it is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

While SNBCHF and Economicblogs were mostly for publishing our authors’ ideas to a wider audience, we have taken now the steps towards a more “commercial business”, namely sell the auto-blogger.

We are now providing the auto-blogger to any business that would an own blog to achieve a higher Google ranking. A blog typically improves the position in a Google search by 300%.

It is important to use the keyword functionality in (2) to publish the content that is really relevant for the client. Only focusing on relevant content, the Google ranking can be improved.
This is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I am using this occasion to celebrate that Founder Institute have liked my idea and have passed the next step in this challenging program.

For anybody interested in doing a startup, I also share some feedback that I obtained from these mentors:

  • Investors want to see hard numbers, like the one you see above
    “improves the position in a Google search by 300%.”
  • Investors want to see how big the market is and at which rate it grows.
    We are target small Swiss companies that are open to new technologies.The whole SEO market in the U.S. is about $80bn; this implies $4bn for Switzerland.
    The share of small companies in Switzerland is 40% in terms of employees, hence 1.5 billion Swiss Francs. (Remember in German a billion = 1 Milliarde :-).Our segment is then about half of it, given that we only focus on one SEO area, the so-called Digital Marketing and on customers that are open to new technology.
    At the end, we arrive at a market of 200-500 million CHF that these companies are spending today. The growth rate in Digital Marketing has been 17% in 2021 and is expected to be 13% in 2022.

Do not hesitate to provide feedback and feel free to ask any question.

Yours George Morgan

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