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P39 URL Test Procedure

Page no: P39


Testing to be done for all 8 economic blogs.

Step 1) Set all blogs to permalink structure category-year-postname

under Permalinks:

category year postname URL permalinks

Post condition: All URL have category-year-postname structure.

Macro will contain also the month.

Step 2) Remove Stop Words Plugin: Reset all URLs to a permalink based on titles.

Restore old URL based on TitlePost condition: Verify that all URL are set to an URL based on titles after the category and the year.


Remark: Some URL will contain a post ID, because the post name got duplicated (or triplicated, …).

WordPress does not use full URL, but only the postname to identify a post. For performance reasons we prefer to use the post ID instead of a postname numbering. The test if the post exists, is done only once.  If the post name exists already then we add the post ID.

Advantage of this procedure: we do not need to count the number of posts with the same post name.


Step 3) Remove Stop Words Plugin: Start the Remove Stop Words Procedure

Remove Stop Words


Post condition: All stop words should be removed from the URL.



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