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Software Used


The used software is called SpinBot.com.

After a careful comparison, we choose the best which fits in our requirements.  We did an account for the test needs (Login data in Keepass)

The prices compared to the rest are very good. Pay as you go – 1000 spinned articles for $5.

Offer we use:

1000 spin articles for $5


Costs of Upgrading to version with unlimited API calls:

There is no such option


Monthly costs:

Depends on number API calls.

SpinnerChief Free Version

SpinnerChief is an interesting alternative, which is already implemented into our software.

Offer we use:

Free version

Monthly costs:


How is it implemented?
Due to need of programmer, it is not in GUI, but as a config into the code.



SpinnerChief Pro Version


  • Better dictionary (more synonyms)
  • Option not to spin
  • No limit on API calls.



  • $150 paid once (lifetime license)



Switching spinning engine

Part of the prototype is to test the spinning engine. Therefore the engine must be configurable. NOT PART OF THIS SPRINT

4 values currently:

  • Spinbot
  • SpinnterChief Free
  • SpinnerChief Pro
  • French Engine with API




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