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G111 Founder Institute Assignments

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Founder Institute Assignments

 2019-04-12: by Mark Montalban


Best practices and examples of good and bad assignments of previous Founders.

Bad and Good FI Assignments

Below are two bad example assignments and three good example assignments. These guidelines are intended to make reviewing your assignments and giving you feedback as easy as possible. Read the outlined Worst Practices for the Bad Assignment Example and Best Practices for the Good Assignment Example.

Bad Assignment Example

The following document has two examples of very bad assignments that will result in a Founder receiving a Special Assignment or being dropped out. It shows that the Founder is not taking the program seriously.

Below are three Worst Practices with examples and solutions on how to avoid this:

  • Case 1) Page 1, Example 1 – Number 2
    • Problem: Do not just paste the link to the google document
    • Solution: Use HTML to put images into the assignment
  • Case 2) Page 1, Example 1 – Number 5 
    • Problem: Do not only say that you “interviewed 5 people”
    • Solution: Write out the feedback and post it into the assignment
  • Case 3) Page 2, Example 2 – Number 1 to 6
    • Problem: Do not only paste the headers for the assignment and write “Completed” for assignment
    • Solution: Write out all thought process and organize them as necessary
      • Refer to the Good Assignment below for examples


Bad Assignment Examples


Good Assignment Example

The following document is an example from a Graduate from the Silicon Valley Winter 2014 chapter. Notice that he is very thorough with his assignment. It is very easy for us to understand his thought process as it is robust and well organized. There is an explanation for every aspect of the assignment.

The top three Best Practices to pay attention to for assignments are:

  • Total Content
  • Thought Processes Written
  • Formatting / Organizing


Good Assignment Examples

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