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SB19 Project Plan

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Accelerator Instructions May19



Deadlines May 19


Identify a Design Resource to complete a

For the project, the following items are needed. Deliver should include the raw PSD or AI files, as well as JPG or transparent PNG versions.

The various items below are needed within 7 to 10 days.

  1. Logo: A designed symbol with the words of the name incorporated that works well in both large and small formats, as well as in color and grayscale.
  2. Business Cards: A simple one sided business card that is easy to print and memorable.
  3. Pitch Deck Template: Two 16:9 background images for a PowerPoint deck. One image will be for title and subtitle slides. The second image will be for content slides.
  4. Landing Page: A responsive html design for a one page site hosted on [Launchrock, SquareSpace, etc.] that includes the logo, a header image that illustrates the purpose of the business and some custom imagery for the benefits of the solution.  The design must be responsive so that it works on both desktop and mobile.  

Project Plan

Amprise management proposal & Strategy.

Design deliverables

By the deadline of May 19:

We plan to deliver finalized logo design for the product [RankUp], media kit (with all versions and file types exported), and get the logo stylesheet done with contains the logo usage guidelines.

Management deliverables

By the deadline of May 19:

We plan to discover and deliver a project plan. It will contain a set of items that are needed for this project & company to start off successfully. It will also contain specific questions, checklists to get those items done efficiently and get them effective marketing-wise.

Besides that, we’ll also provide due dates and pricing options, so we can easily keep track of everything.


Logo concepts

Logo concepts video delivery 

Concept #1



Concept #2.1

Concept #2.2


Concept #3-3.3

Concept #4

Concept #5

Concept #6

1) logo
2) landing page to sell your services and technology
3) corporate website with information about you, your technology, goals, vision, team, etc.
4) presentation
5) brandbook
6) personal sites for authors, make a template that will collect all the content for the author
7) update blog sites that you have




#5 (Progress Checklist)

At this point in the program, you should have the following business ingredients:

(1) initial customer interest,
(2) initial product progress,
(3) a solid company name,
(4) a recognizable design,
(5) a Landing Page to market your solution,
(6) a financial plan and
(7) a professional company presentation.

Upload all of the materials that you have collected to your File System. Provide a bulleted list of these seven ingredients ranking them from the one with the least progress at the top and the one with the most progress at the bottom. For each of the top two business ingredients where you are weakest, write a few sentences on your specific plans to improve over the next seven days. (3 Hours)


Deliverables When
Status Who Questions
(1) initial customer interest, Progress George
(2) initial product progress Progress Bulgarian Team
(3) a solid company name, Done George Innobia vs.Innovia
4) a recognizable design
May 19 Amprise
Innobia May 26 Amprise
(5) a Landing Page, migrate to new server / domain, correct text with PPT May 19 Probably not Amprise, due to progress issues George had to work on it.
(5) a Landing Page to market your solution Final solution May 26 Amprise innobia.net final target
6) a financial plan May 19 Done George
(7) a professional company presentation PPT May 14 George Content: George
(7a) Sync PPT design May 19 Amprise Amprise to design
(8) Social Media May 26 Amprise

#6 (Design Materials)


Upload your Design Materials. Collect, upload and provide a bulleted list of links to your Design Materials, including

(1) a professional looking logo with your final company name,

(2) a business card template for you and future employees,

(3) a pitch deck template with a title slide and content slide format and

(4) a professionally designed Landing Page.

If any of the materials are not professional looking, work with a Design Resource to improve them, and write a couple of sentences next to the link describing the improvements. Order 500 business cards for you and any other key Team Members, and write the name of the service that you used to order the cards. (2 Hours)





If necessary, ask a Working Group member for feedback on your work.

Provide the Design Specification to the Design Resource, and start a project to complete the required Design Deliverables in less than two weeks. set up a schedule to block out an hour to review and provide feedback for the Design Resource every couple of days.

Link to the Design Specification and write a few sentences on the plan to complete the required Design Deliverables quickly.




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