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Pcloud Sync Deletes Data

Pcloud does not official support the sync with a NAS.
But it still works pretty well on Windows.

When I sync my Mac to the DAT folder on the NAS, the data gets deleted.


Solution Overview

  • [ ] — Video
  • [ ] — Problem
  • [ ] Whenever we log into Pcloud, we must verify the syncs
  • [ ] Possible Reason: An old SyncTeam deleted a lot of data on Pcloud
  • [ ] but it would NOT delete data in the main folder
  • [ ] —> move the wrong sync folder into NAS archive or delete it
  • [ ] — Solution
  • [ ] Option1: Do a rewind on Pcloud or restore data https://www.pcloud.com/help/general-help-center/what-is-pcloud-rewind
  • [ ] Option2: Copy the data from NAS Recycle bin, for example S:#recycle\SyncTeam and S:\#recyle SyncComp
  • [ ] restore of data is easier from NAS recycle bin
  • [ ] Option3: Restore the files via Pcloud Trash
  • [ ] Data had been synched on Pcloud and on S:\ NAS
  • [ ] Option3: Copy data from old NAS archive
  • [ ] —– how to rewind
  • [ ] Step1: Select a date to which we restore Pcloud
  • [ ] Step2: select the folders that u want to restore
  • [ ] Step3: Click on restore
  • [ ] -> The folders are restored to that date
  • [ ] At the end: Manual sync of all synched folders that got modified

Option1: Rewind Pcloud

Pcloud Rewind


Rewind provides a preview of your pCloud account from a certain point in the past. From there, you can restore or download a certain file, folder or your entire pCloud account at once. You will find all the files you recover with Rewind in a folder called “Rewind” in your Home directory. Let’s say you want to recover 5 files from 1. Feb. 2017 from 01:30 p.m (UTC 2+). You will find them in the Rewind folder, under a subfolder with the name “5 files restored from Feb 01,2017 13:30”. You can then move the files wherever you like in your account afterwards.


How to:
1) Find out the date and time when the files started to get deleted. Use the trash for this.

  • [ ] 3 Sources:
  • [ ] 1) Rewind –> folder P:\Rewind and subfolders
  • [ ] 1a: Reduce the path length when needed
  • [ ] 2) Restore (Pcloud) –> Original folder
  • [ ] 3) NAS Recycle Bin -> S:\Deleted by Pcloud


2) Rewind to that date


It appears to be an offline operation, that is run on the server.

No selection possibilities which files should be restored.
Really deleted files will be restored, too.

Option2: Pcloud Untrash

How to:

1) Find out the date and time when the files started to get deleted. Use the trash for this.
Do it preferably on the device where a Pcloud Sync deleted the files.
2) Check all files for that date.

3) Press restore.

Choice of what should be restored.

It is an online operation: Restoring many files may take considerable time, when the browser does not respond.

Option3: Restore from NAS Recycle Bin

This is the quickest and easiest way to restore.

Precondition: You are synching to the NAS

Just move from #recycle into the normal folder again.
It will sync into Pcloud with Pcloud Sync given that it will be considered a new file.


Pcloud thinks that these are new files


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