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Download Portable Apps Software

Video and Pics

Portable Apps BaseFolder

Main Folder to Base Software Portable

  • PortableApps becomes main folder in Dropbox
  • whole software from Portable Folder is moved into PortableApps

Rules for Installing Portable Software

  • Use only folder that have shortcuts (or you must create new shortcuts)
  • Uninstall existing Non Portable Apps Software: Advantage of portable –> Only remove folder
  • Uninstall Portable Apps Software in the wrong folder (no shortcut)
  • Install Portable Apps in the old folder (the one with Shortcut)
  • Not Allowed to use “Portable” or “PortableApps” in folder name (unless it exists already)
  • We all know that these are portable
  • Probably Solution: Just do renames


Step1: Create Folder


Non-Portable Apps: Find the portable Apps on the internet

Non-portable Apps folder Search Internet
Non-portable Apps folder Search Internet

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Step2: Download paf.exe via

  • Save the file as it is: This should include Version Number

Example: Telegram

Option A: Search via Google

Option B: Download paf.exe via Portable Apps Search (English)

Download File Name
Download File Name

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Order Files after Download

  • Never use Download Folder
  • But order into right folder: Category + Software Name
  • If it is one File: Use date and version number inside file name (not in Folder anymore)
  • Example: FoxitReaderPortable_9.1.0.5096 201807.paf.exe
  • Exception: many files: Create a folder with date (only for extracted portable) –> Not really needed, we use PAF or ZIP, avoid doing!!
  • Always one installation Files: Compressed EXE for Installation
  • PAF File for portable app
  • RAR/ZIP for Compressed Portable software

Portable PAF file and Link
Portable PAF file and Link

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Software Language

Step3: URL Language

Check that the language is English when you download with Google

Language: Check the URL


  • URL contains language version
  • Should not contain language version for correct URL

If not English then modify the URL.



Not correct:


URL Remove Language
URL Remove Language

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Step4: Save the link to the Application on Portable Apps site as Internet Shortcut

Link Create Link to Portable Apps
Link Create Link to Portable Apps

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Step5: Do this for all folders https://vimeo.com/299020546

Existing Download Files and Folders

Step1: If the software exists in base software portable

  • Search PAF File from Portable Apps
  • Search in Internet

Search Portable Apps from Portable Apps GUI
Search Portable Apps from Portable Apps GUI

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Step2: Create the folder

  • Name of Software + Month

Download Folder Name
Download Folder Name

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Step3: Move the paf.exe file and the link into the folder (only if link is OK)

Remove wrong links.

Link Format:

  • Name of Software + “Portable Apps Link”

search PAF and sync Folder
search PAF and sync Folder

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Step4: Link: Verify and update

  • Verify old link that it is from Portable Apps
  • Otherwise remove the link

Old Versions Delete
Old Versions Delete

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Download Folder

Video name: Link to Download Folder
Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty


PAF Development Version

Video name: PAF Development Versions

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Test, Development version are NOT on the Portable Apps directory
  • or ON https://portableapps.com/apps (this list is NOT complete, because development versions are missing)
  • Example: Software Everything https://portableapps.com/node/42460 not in


Example for Downloading

  • Search in Google for “Skype 8.0 Portableapps” -> Look for versions in the results of search -> Open the link with version later than 8.0 in PortableApps
  • Take a look for some links about downloading the software -> Like in the intro or comments
  • Download under D:\Sync\!Softwar\(1a) Portable SW Base\!Communicate\Skype Portable
  • — What about the download link, where do you find it? –> From Google in PortableApps in the comments

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