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Explanation Videos and Pics

(Client’s ) Site Blog:

  • Choose the origin site for the content
  • Aggregate the content
  • with logical structure object based,
  • with far more than your products but related

Good and unique content




  • Any economic author that wants more publicity


Get new clients

Actions for getting new clients

Authoring Sales

Original Plan for ecoblogs

Pay when content is published


Make sure that we get the post: Filter Posts by  Author Name

Getting New Clients/authors

Strategy for getting new clients

Aggregation Consultancy

Potential: High


USP: Unique Selling Points
USP1: Beautiful Author Pages: Focus on promoting the author
USP2: Auto-load of authors’ books from Amazon (link)
USP3: Less known authors are published, e.g. heterodox and Austrian economics
USP4: Content is loaded automatically from original blog via special RSS grabbing.
Competition investing.com
Actions Details More
Contact Clients from emails ([email protected] and [email protected])



more information on Contact Classification page


Your Biography and social media channels

Your Books

Your Posts

Videos integrated from Youtube
Your Podcasts
Back linking to your Sales pages Like
Access to our sites for modification and moderation
Add your specific keywords for your person and brand
Premium profile 
Branded profile    or?
Email account

Why Us?

How we will help you:

  • We will take all about you in one place.
  • With author pages, we will promote you as author and your books.
  • You will improve SEO of your own blog, using the profile in Economic Blogs Network.
  • All is fully automatised, which means that you will not have to do anything.
  • You decide what information will be shown in Economic Blogs Network.

Support the progress in economic research:

  • Easy search of newest articles by the world best economic authors
  • Easy interlinking and comparison of blog articles with our “interlinking” technology
  • Easy search of articles on a particular topic. Who has written what on the topic?
  • It helps you in your daily work, because you do not need to switch to different websites.



About me Offer


Email signature with your domain
Customizable Spotlight Button
Capture leads and book meetings with your Google account
Additional page features: Testimonials, Portfolio, Video, and more
Remove about.me branding
Page stats and visitor details with Google Analytics


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