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Page no: L20f

Page No: L20f

Overview Table

IDEpicStory TaskOPEN................In Progress.........FIXEDDoc/Fix LinkDONEStory Short Description
Story Update
A01SupportFixPassword-Protect test.snbchfPassword-Protect test.snbchf.com1hZDONE
A02SNBCHF go-liveFixManual Mail-poet run every day Run Mailpoet manually on snbchf every day1hPrio1
A02aSNBCHF go-liveDocCopy Mailpoet docOur MailpoetCopy doc from Skype incl. Video1hPrio2
A03SNBCHF go-liveDocChandler feed: Every day fixLink to Chandler postDaily fixes of formatting for Chandler.1hPrio1
A04SupportFixMailpoet: Move to premium and template changes LinkMailpoet: Move to premium, integrate template changes, create "once daily" newsletter3dPrio1
A05SNBCHF Go-LiveFixImprove Layout of Pictured Category WidgetPic Cat Wiz2dPrio2
A06SNB, Doc siteFixFix SSL on IT and SNBCHFBugs with SSL &CDN 2dPrio3
A07Author Go-LiveDataBooks on author pagesLink to books.Enter book on author pages (>10 posts) for all ecoblogs and for all cheerleadersPrio3
A08SNBCHF go-liveDoc/FixMailpoet Problems LinkFix Mailpoet issues, if fix need, propose alternative solution4hPrio4
A09SNBCHF Go-LiveFixShow excerpt for Pic Cat Wizardnow we show only title, should show excerpt too4hPrio6
A10SupportDocCreate page for Cookie-Based Whitelist in WP Securitycookie-based WP Sec option: "This feature will deny access to your WordPress login page for all people except those who have a special cookie in their browser.4hPrio5
A11SNBCHF Go-LiveFixShow AuthorPic on Pic CatTill now we can show only the category pic on a Pic Cat Wizard. Add the author pic with higher resolution.4hPrio4
A12Plugin Go-LiveDocUsual PB may destroy Google ranking. page with screenshots why usual Pagebuilders are bad, may destroy Google ranking. 4hZNoPrio
A13SNBCHF Go-Live Datawiden Category Images to banner format Many category pictures are to high and not wide enough: Periphery Good example areSNBe 4hZNoPrio



Effort Estimate: Add effort estimate from the following:
1h, 2h, 4h, 1d, 2d, 4d

Link: For each story add a link. Preferable don’t write the word “link”, but short subject (like Mailpoet, Pic Cat)
for doc stories, add link to doc pagefor fix or data stories, add link to example for fixed page

Story Details

Pictured Category Wizard: A05, A09, A11

Story: Acceptance criteria:
As reader of the blog, I would like to have the following improvements:
A05: The layout of the pictured category wizard shall be improved.
problems: The author pics on the single posts inside a wizard look good. (George Dorgan pic)
But not the normal featured pics. They often need resizing to a standard size, same as the George Dorgan pic.

There are two examples for better design.

Basis1: Sahifa wizard design

Basis 2: The recent posts wizard on snbchf. It makes it possible to show pictures, not only with thumbnail size. We could have built Pictured Categories based on this one.

A11: Prio now higher than excerpt!
Instead of showing the category, I would like to see the author pic on the top of the wizard. Introduce a parameter for that.


A09: Similar to the Sahifa wizard/PB , I would like to show the excerpt and image of one post inside pictured Category Wizard.

Excerpt on first post

Excerpt on first post

A08: Mailpoet problems

Details page
Mailpoet has two issues:

  1. Often mails get sent twice. Write on the page, how to solve that.
  2. I would like to send a page once again on the newsletter. The weekly update on sight deposits must be on the newsletter every week. But Mailpoet stores in his memory that the newsletter was already. The ideas is to store the page modification date. If the page modification date has changed, then it appears again in the newsletter. This principle works perfectly for our recent/featured posts wizard, when we order by modification date.

A10: Enable cookied-based and write page on it

WP Security has the cookie-based option: “This feature will deny access to your WordPress login page for all people except those who have a special cookie in their browser. Write a page on it.

A12: Create page: PageBuilder may destroy Google ranking

because the code is too complicated. Write a page on that and propose how to implement a better page builder.


A13: The banners on snbchf are not wide enough

We must widen them, similar to the banners on or


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