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PRIV F18 Transfer Feed

Page no: F18

Here we can found the whole process for migrating one feed from one blog to another. We want to migrate

  • Feed
  • Category and PromoteAuthor settings
  • Syndication settings
  • Author



Set up the feed


1. First copy the link from the old blog under Syndication -> Site

1 copy feed link

1. Copy old feed link

2. Then add it  into the new site under Sydication -> Syndicated sources

2 add link in snbchf

Step2) add link in new site

3. Check and confirm the feed 3 confirm feed

Create the category and Settings

Add a new Category for the author

4 add new category

4. add new category

 5. Do the PromoteAuthor Settings again under Posts -> Categories

5. Promote Author Settings

5. Promote Author Settings

Do the Syndication Settings


6. Setup the syndication plugin settings under Syndication -> Categories & Tags and update the feed

6 setup syndication

6. setup the syndication

Migrate the author


7. Add needed information for the author from the previous blog.

setup author


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