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Acting Man


Original Archive: Acting Man



26.Jun.2018  30/30  All the posts from the blog comes from the original with a alt text.from filename. 5/5 Multi
  1. Almost every post has extra text – authors bios.
  2. Missing images inside posts – Weiner – Brown’s Gold
  1. Removed with CSS.
  2. We can not load the pictures from their posts, we tested it with our RSS grabber. They have some problem with feed.
Antonio Fatas


Original Archive: Antonio Fatas on the Global Economy

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://fatasmihov.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

06.Jun.2018  10/10 When ALT is empty, uses title 1/1 Single
  1. Featured Image not set
  1. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
Bruegel Think Thank


Original Archive: Blog Bruegel



25.Jun.2018  30/30 When ALT is empty, uses title 5/5 Multi
  1. In beginning of the text is badly formatted against images
  2. Not loading images
  1. Picture is CSS fixed when there is a class. If there is not, it should be done manually.
  2. We can’t take all images.
Chris Dillow: Stumbling and Mumbling


Original Archive: Stumbling and Mumbling

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://stumblingandmumbling.typepad.com/stumbling_and_mumbling/atom.xml

22Jun.2018  30/30 4/4
David Smith’s EconomicsUK


Original Archive: EconomicsUK

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.economicsuk.com/blog/index.rdf

24.Jun.2018  26/26 1/1
Eurostat News Releases


Rss: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/RSS/rss_estat_news.xml 22.Jun.2018  6/6 2/2
IFO Hans-Werner Sinn & Clemens Fuest


Original Archive: CESifo Group Munich

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.cesifo-group.de/all_en.rss

25.Jun.2018  30/30 When ALT on original post is empty, uses post title 5/5 Multi
  1. Missing PDF
  1. We can’t take the full content with RSS Grabber
Lighthouse Investment Management


Removed ———– Single
  •  I removed the feed
London School of Eco. Blogs


Original Archive: The London School of Eco. and Political science

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=feeds.feedburner.com/Europp

25.Jun.2018  30/30 When ALT on original post is empty, uses post title 10/13 Multi
  1. Unneeded texts.
  2. Missing pictures
  3. Badly formatted pics against text: Ex.1 Ex.2
  4. Author names written in the Text
  5. Missing images inside posts – Aubin
  6. Information about the author at the bottom – /lse/2017/team-catalans-october
  7. Didnt load from July 2017 to June 2018
  1. Part of the text was removed.
  2. No missing pictures
  3. CSS fixed
  4. We can’t detect the users.
  5. We can’t take all images.
  6. We cant remove this text in post.
  7. Reloaded post
On French Politics


Original Archive: French Politics



19.Jun.2018  30/30 2/2 Multi
  1. Missing pictures on this feed.
  2. Some missing pictures on this category
  1. No missing pictures and graphs on this feed
Political Thoughts – the magazine


Original Archive: Political Thoughts – the magazine

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=pol-check.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

20.Jun.2018  9/10 When ALT on original post is empty, uses post title 2/2 Single
  •  No problem with missing pictures
The Economist Europe


Original Archive: The Economist Europe

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.economist.com/feeds/print-sections/75/europe.xml

01.Feb.2018 13/20 4/8 Multi
  1. In every post of this blog  first sentence from original blog is missing
  2. Partial content
  3. Missing posts
  1. Posts contains only a link to the original post
  2. Subscription needed
  3. Blog restriction, sign-up for 3 posts or subscription 12 week – 20 euro


Original Archive:VOX  CEPR’s Policy Portal

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.voxeu.org/feed/recent/rss.xml

25.Jun.2018  10/10 20/20 Multi
  1. Please click below to sign up.at the end of most of the posts
  2. Author names written in the Text
  1. Can be removed / scripted DONE
  2. RSSGrabber fix. Worked for new posts
Center for European Reforms


Original Archive: Centre for European Reform

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=centreforeuropeanreform.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

They have no new posts, they stopped publication

 10/10 When ALT on original post is empty, uses post title 1/1 Multi
  1. A biographic sentence in the end of every post
  2. Author names written in the Text
  1. Can’t be removed automatically
  2. We can’t detect the users.
Craig Willy


Original Archive: Craig Willy

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://noemon.net/category/politics/feed/

This site not work correctly

1/1 Single
  • French accents
  •  Should work now


Original Archive: Missing

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=economistmeg.com/feed/

This site is stopped No pics founded  — Single
  • Unneeded text at the end of every post.
  •  I am not sure is it OK to remove it.
Il fatto quotidiano Alberto Bagnai


Original Archive: Alberto Bagnai Il fatto quotidiano 

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/blog/abagnai/feed/

There are no new posts.

 10/10  When ALT on original post is empty, uses post title  problem with their website Single
  1. Missing pictures in this feed

  1. All the new posts contains all pictures from the original.


MNI Euro Insight


Original: https://euroinsight.mni-news.com/

This feed not work.

problem with their website
Professor Werner


Original Archive: professorwerner

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://professorwerner.wordpress.com/feed/

No new posts



 no pics 1/1 Single   NO  /author/richard-werner
Protesilaos Stavrou


Original Archive: Protesilaos Stavrou

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.protesilaos.com/feed.xml

04.Apr.2018  15/15  no pics Single
  1. Badly formatted text in many posts: Ex.1
  2. Some new posts are missing footnotes.
  1. CSS Fixed for that.
  2. Not a CSS bug. Should discuss with the team.


Original Archive: Rybinski.eu

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=www.protesilaos.com/feed.xml

10/10  no new post to test on 4/4 Single
  • CSS Fixed for text
The Market Monetarist


Website changed. New website has no feed.

Original Archive: The Market Monetarist

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=marketmonetarist.com/feed/

10.April.2017  10/10 When ALT on original post is empty, uses post title 1/1 Single
  1. Please click below to sign up
  2. The blog has MOVED to mamoadvisory.com
  1. Removed with script
  2. They do not have a RSS on their new site.


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