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W24 Resolutions on SNBCHF

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20% of Desktop (or notebook) users uses screen smaller than our minimum reproblems (1366).

Negative effect

(we need a screen for the horizontal scroll bar)
The user experience of the site is not very good and our sidebar is only half visible.

Do we need a problem for this reproblem?

The negative effect is not so big, but the effort to find a problem is not so big, too. Sahifa can change the width of the whole site in a few clicks. So there is a such functionality. We need to detect the reproblem and just implement it.


Google Analytics Reproblems 


for the last year 2016

Google Analytics Reproblems SNBCHF


Google Analytics Reproblems 2016
Google Analytics Reproblems 2016

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Google Analytics Screen reproblems only on Desktop computers


Google Analytics Reproblems only on Desktop
Google Analytics Reproblems only on Desktop

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