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USB 3.0 vs. Sata III vs Network Speed


The bandwidth of SATA 3 is 6 gb/s but the bandwidth practically supported is 600 – 1000MB/Sec (depending on chipset). Similarly, for USB 3.0 is, 5 Gb/s , with practical throughput of 640mbps.

In both cases, its the device which gets maxed out while reading or writing is usually the slower one. Even if you have a fast external USB 3.0 but your internal HDD cant read that fast, your overall bandwidth would be limited. You can only transfer what you can read practically. To get maximum benefit of both USB 3.x and SATA, both the drives must have have read and write speeds of equal range, eg: if internal reads data at 500 mb/sec and external can write at 500 mb/sec, you now have maxed out the “system” bandwidth.


Name Type hardware Sequential Random or Write Factor
vs HDD
M1 Mac Mini Internal  SSD 10 GB/s 4 GB/s
External M1/NVME 4 GB/s
USB 3.0 External SSD 640 MB/s
Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB Internal SSD 370 MB/s 52 MB/s
Pcloud External 1 Gbit 40 MB/s
Synology External NAS 100 MB/s
Synology 2 Port Aggregation 1 Gbit 200 MB/s 3
4 Port Link
1 Gbit 350 MB/s
WD10EACS Internal HDD 62 MB/s 1.12 MB/s





Port Aggregation on Router


LAG Membership

Aim get all LAGs enabled.

  1. Go to Switching-LAG
  2. Choose as LAG number the same number as the port
  3. Click on arrow
  4. Add the members
  5. Verify the members



  1. Go to Switching-LAG
  2. Check the boxes for one or more LAGs
  3. Change to LACP



IP Address

Static IP Address

use same network settings as computer

unless you want a subnet on the router.

DHCP Address




  1. Press Plus for adding port truncing
  2. Add the adapters
  3. Choose Managed Switch
  4. Choose 802.3ad dynamic
  5. Choose Layer 2+3

Static IP Address

  1. Select configure
  2. Choose static IP address
  3. use default gateway same Netgear router
  4. Do not use DNS

Speed Comparison

Link Aggregation vs. 10 Gbe

No big difference at the end.




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