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Vimeo Vimeo
  • Action: Upload Video
  • Action: Sync PCloud and Vimeo
Vimeo Album
  • Action: Create Album
  • Action: Put Video in Album



Video and Pics


Vimeo Week 3 Plugins Syndic Tools

Work on folders

  • Not Vimeo 03 Plugin Design
  • Not Vimeo 07 Syndication Tools & Links

Create folders / Albums on Vimeo for

  • Plugins and their subfolders
  • Syndication Tools

 Related Trello Task

Vimeo Introduction

Log into Vimeo


user: [email protected]

pass: DPRLNGuO


Feedback for Vimeo

  • Sync R20 folder with the videos from the page
(Jun 26, 2017)


Improvement: Date for each new video in name


(Jun 27, 2017)

Improvement: Each video must have its own row on the blog

: Video may contain different things than the images.

Previously we had images and video in one row. But the video may speak of many different things than is explained in the image.

So we make one row for the image(s) and on the left side, we what the image shows.

And we make one row for the video and say what is inside the video.




(Jun 26, 2017)

Regular task

Check which video are public

  • Do not login into WP Pro Vimeo
  • Check if all videos are public (only public if George, Niki Tells you)
  • Make them private

1. Upload video

Hide from Vimeo.

Usually choose channel it.snbchf.com




2. Create Album


This is how we create an album (one type of collection).

Each folder on pcloud become an album.



Video: How to create an album and to add it to an album

This video shows:

  • How to create an album
  • How you add a video to an album
  • how to sync with pcloud folders


(June, 18, 2017)


3. Add an uploaded video to an album


Adding a video to an album (collection) under manage videos


 Video: Do we need protection on an album



 (June, 18, 2017)


4. Idea: Automatic upload to Vimeo

Complicated (Niki only)

An idea would be to automate the upload of videos.

Each new file in the video folder could be uploaded automatically.


 (June, 18, 2017)



5. Sync Blog Pcloud and Vimeo

The video shows how the team will sync

  • Pcloud folders
  • Videos and albums on Vimeo
  • Pages on it.snbchf and WordPress Blog


(June, 18, 2017)

Edit Vimeo Name from Folders

Edit Vimeo Name from Folders
M41 Edit Vimeo Name from Folders

- Click to enlarge

The overview for the sync of blog, pcloud and vimeo


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