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O22 ToDo and Bugs April

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Import these tasks into May 01 board into OPEN Nick

Each Task has a number, Paste links seperately, because Trello does not copy links

1) Unsecure content

Create page S17h with this content as subpage of SSL main page on promoteAuthor with this text


2) Import page S17f Promoteauthor



3) Import page S17g Promoteauthor


 4) Only Trello Task: Why are the images again on the cache?

when we change cache plugin, we have an issue

<a href=”https://snbchf.com/chf/george-dorgan-cfa-society-slides/”><img src=”https://snb.r.worldssl.net/wp-content/plugins/ellusion/styles/images/header_img_3.png” alt=”” /></a>
<a href=”http://www.euromoneyconferences.com/SFF.html/”><img src=”https://snb.r.worldssl.net/wp-content/plugins/ellusion/styles/images/header_img_1.png” alt=”G Dorgan Euromoney” /></a>
<a href=”https://snbchf.com/category/gold-standard/” target=”blank_”><img src=”https://snb.r.worldssl.net/wp-content/plugins/ellusion/styles/images/Gold-Standard.jpg” alt=”Gold Standard” /></a>
<a href=”https://snbchf.com/about/subscribe-by-email/”><img src=”https://snb.r.worldssl.net/wp-content/plugins/ellusion/styles/images/header_img_2.png” alt=”Get a FREE Email” /></a>
<a href=”http://promoteauthor.com/”><img src=”https://snb.r.worldssl.net/wp-content/plugins/ellusion/styles/images/promoteauthor_1.png” /></a>


5) New article snbchf


6)  Untrusted certificate

Notice: All operations are logged on an anonymous basis according to policy GP-00276.

The requested website https://european.economicblogs.org/accepted-UncategorisedWebsite?aHR0cHM6Ly9ldXJvcGVhbi5lY29ub21pY2Jsb2dzLm9yZy9hdXRob3IvY2xhdWRpby1ncmFzcw== *.economicblogs.org cannot be displayed.

This is typically caused by a Web Site presenting an incorrect or invalid certificate, but could be because of a configuration error.
If you need this site for business reason (not covered by GP-00276) please proceed with this request to allow server certificate. 

If you need further help, please contact your Helpdesk.
You are using a Swiss infrastructure.
For further information please see the Internet Browsing Infrastructure Information Page
Intranet Helpdesk  

This message was generated by proxy: uh1ca02 : 8090 (ssl_server_cert_untrusted_issuer)
The IP address of your device is:
Your Username is: CHADHEDANI\f312147
The URL Requested is: https://european.economicblogs.org/accepted-UncategorisedWebsite?aHR0cHM6Ly9ldXJvcGVhbi5lY29ub21pY2Jsb2dzLm9yZy9hdXRob3IvY2xhdWRpby1ncmFzcw== *.economicblogs.org 
The Time of This Event is: [19/Apr/2016:11:56:52 +0200]


7) Acting Man, ZH requires clean-up: find Category Pic, etc.

8) Remove Popup Text: donate_tw  into → follow_no



10) Jeffrey Frenkel Blog into leaders



11) snbchf: Add graphs to FX Daily posts

find source

Example FX Daily graphs

FX Daily


12) Discuss removal of duplicate feeds (tag-based)

(Zerohedge, SNBCHF)

a) Zerohedge: Find Austrian keywords and load only those: Mises, Austrian School, ….

b) SNBCHF, only SNB and ZH on Swiss National Bank

13) George: Soberlook negative Rates to snb

14) Place du Luxembourg → snbchf



15) Tables on mobile

Screens from Nexus and testing

16) Get inspired by follow author design

17) Explain the implications of social go-live to the team

 18) ecoblogs: Correct the author URL based on recent <firstname><lastname> table

19) Top 30 Heterodox blogs

choose which ones get in


20) Widget WP Touch Home Missing


21) Set Defaults for Pic Cat Widgets: Big, Desc


22) Previous Next buttons snbchf does not work anymore


24) RM IT RSS  filter banking


25) Which plugin/Theme permits this layout?

27) Polldaddy

28) Currency RSS from SNB

30) Australia Blog Membership  as idea

add to doc pages


31) Tag-based news-load


32) Publicity IQ Response


33) Discuss  clear at start for all posts on snbchf


34) Icons for Tiny Table

confluence style

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