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V67 Encryption Tools

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Page no: V67


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Open Existing Boxcryptor Folders

Step1: Find Keyfile

Result: potential Boxcryptor folder

Step2: Open Existing Folder

that contains the key file.



open existing Custom folder

with the existing password



Step4: test if the folder works

Open some files on the mounted Y Drive

Step5: Exit


BoxCryptor Folders


Folder Name Current Location Comment
\Various\!!!Encrypt.bc\ K:\!Encry Working
   ….. \MyPrivate2015\
    ….. 2020
    ….. 2021.04
\!!!Encrypt.bc 201804 K:\!Encry
\201711 Meine Dose K:\!Encry\ Working
201711 Meine DoseEncry\ K:\!Encry\ Working
201804 Encrypt.bc K:\!Encry\ Working
!Important do not touch K:\EncryTesting No Data except Access

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