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Y41 Copy Tags from Media into Posts

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Regular checks

Trello Regular Task Copy Tags

  • Syndication Tools Menu link for snbchf
  • Choose Tags–> Copy Tags from Graphs
  • Post types: Posts, Categories: All, Authors:All
  • StartDate: Last Month, EndDate: Leave Empty
  • Press Button Execute all
  • See message if it is success
  • If not, report to Niki


1) Open Syndication tools from Promote Author Tools –> Syndication Tools


Open Syndication tools

2) When we open Syndication tools, we choose “Copy Tags from Graphs into Posts


Choose method to run

3) We adjust Date range and press Preview


Adjust Date range

4) We can choose posts by filling the checkboxes and executing them By clicking EXECUTE SELECTED, or execute all posts by clicking EXECUTE for ALL


Execute selected or Execute for all



Results from run Copy Tags from Graphs into post function.


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