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Copy here all from Trello  list “Media” in tiny tables format.

The attachments come from the cards.

add the videos from video input page R10V. If they are not uploaded add them from Pcloud

Control the tasks and correct errors, when we changed the way we work.


Video and pics

Edit  Media attributes

  • Remove the extension from title of the media.
  • Add meaningful title, caption and ALT text.
(December 22)

MediaTools and Dot in Caption


  • Label description of media as “via Media Tools”.
  • Use dot in caption –> For Post Page Media Dialog Box.
  • Avoid using dot in attachment page’s caption.

Media Title, Alt Text

Media Title

Video name: Wrong Fonts Media Text Sections

Video Link to Trello

Private Video


Media Text Cleanup

Media Text Cleanup
Media Text Cleanup

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Media Title Not H4

Media Title Not H4
Media Title Not H4

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Media Title: Look also in the from Text, not only in graph

Media Title from Text not only Image
R24 Media Title from Text not only Image

. - Click to enlarge



Media Title from Text, not only Image

Related Trello Link

  • If no media title –> Write it into the Trello. (Each image must have a media title.)
  • Look at the text of the left column for title of media. Don’t look at the graph only.

Alt Text, Media Title: What is written in the image, Add the country for economic graphs



  • 1) Verify that the ALT Text for the economic graphs contains what is written in the image.
  • 2) Exception: If an economic graph has no title (nothing written inside) then you may copy the title from what is written in the caption. (see screen as example)
  • 3) Try to find base tags for the image like Canada Consumer Price Inflation then you can add the alt text as tag.
  • 4) If chapter is missing, put the ALT text as Chapter Title in left side
  • 5) Add the country for economic graphs at the beginning of the text (same as tags)
  • 6) Ask George if you can the ALT text as tag
Image Title into ALT text

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Missing Title copy from caption
Missing Title copy from caption

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Two graphs in one media: Write WHAT for both graphs


When you have two graphs in an economic graph:
Media is:
(Part of the economy) WHAT (for line1) and WHAT (for line2) “compared”


Media Title:
Debt and Wages compared

Title (same)
Debt and Wages compared

Household Sector: Liabilities, Household Credit  market Debt Outstanding CMDEBT, wage and salary disboursements A576RC1

Household Sector: Liabilities, Household Credit  market Debt Outstanding CMDEBT, wage and salary disboursements A576RC1

Remember (near) synonyms:

Debt = liabilities
Wages = Salary

Two Graphs In One Media
Media Title Two Graphs

. Source: Two Graphs In One Media - Click to enlarge

Media Title: Copy text from inside image and from caption into Media Title, look at values to understand WHAT it describes


Please look at the images and the existing media title entered by you guys.

In the caption you see what should be the correct media title.
We always want to know
WHAT is in the graph?

but NOT from when to when and which years
but NOT in which counting unit (example percentage)

But description like per year, per month, per hour are important again


Hence Media Title Too Short2:
Old: Gold in USD
New: Gold patterns returns

Media Title Too Short:
Old: Silverprice in USD
New: Silver price seasonal trends

Old: Goldprice in USD
New: Seasonal trend for Gold price

Return or profit

The word return is quite important to understand:

Old Goldprice is for example 1000 USD
New goldprice is 1100 USD

–> Return is 10%

Hence look into the values of the graph
if the values are percent then it cannot be gold price but it must be return.
Gold price is 1100 USD or so, but return is in %.

from: here


You can see the focus in the title
seasonal is the key word

So he is writing about the return in a season.

How much return did he get in January, how much in February
and he makes the average over many years.

Media Title
Media Title

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Media Title: Put part of the economy and WHAT

Media Title too shorts: Part Economy1
Old: NonFarm Business Sector    —> This is the part of the economy but not what

New: NonFarm Business Sector: Output per hour

Output per hour answers the question of WHAT?
NonFarm Business Sector is only in which part of the economy, namely the economy without farms


Add Date Range to Media Title

  • Update the title, media title and ALT text with the date range. (Only in graph or chart are representing dates).

Format for date in title, ALT text and media title

  • Use YYYY/MM/DD format for representing the date in the title of the graph(s). 
  • Avoid using name of the month in the title.
  • Use name of the month for the ALT text and media title.
(January 10, 2017)

Media Quick Edit Economic Data

This is an advanced video for our media wizard. It explains how to use the media wizard for FX rates screenshots.

(Dec 26, 2016)

Abbreviations Bloomberg

Media Title 3 Graphs

(December 18)

Media Title and Featured Image


Regular Media Tools Run

Media Library Sept 29


  • remove jpg or png endings
  • Full date for FX rates and stock market rates
  • Month for most economic data from investing.com
  • Work also on economic graphs for PL posts

Media Title conflict with rest JavaScript

The Media Title button must work on all images

It was a conflict with other JavaScripts and I re-write the Media Title JavaScript files.


Testing link

Media Title Conflict
Media Title Conflict

. Source: Media Title Conflict - Click to enlarge




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