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C27a Custom Code

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Author Custom Field

Mailpoet sends out “author” but not our custom field author text.Issue open

The SNB president Jordan has as custom field “author text” the words “about”, and not “author” or “written by”.

Jordan is effectively not the author, but we write about him and represent his bio.

I would like that the newsletter also contain the author text instead of the word “author”.

Custom code

We added some parts of custom code into the code.

The functions, which we extend are three:

Lift limits

MailPoet have limit from 2000 users and after that it stops working. It stops sending and adding new subscribers. We remove this limit, but this caused changing in more than 10 files.



Currently we use tag “newsletter” for adding content into our newsletter. There was a bug in this. It simply didn’t work. We needed to fix it. Now it is working fine without any troubles. The problem was in base.php


Sending one post again and again

The base mailpoet doesn’t have such a function. So we need to make. We want sometimes to send one post again after a while. So we needed to recreate this functionality. Now it is working fine. The changed files are more than 5.

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