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O46 Problem, Solution, Result Screen

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Page no: O46





Video and Pics 

Problem not successful test

Thb Screens of not successful test

Trello task

George review for Result screen


Problem, Solution Rows

Row one: problem 

  • Chapter “problem Description”  –> Bold Font 
  • This is one row in the tiny table
  • explanation text  of problem left
  • and screenshot of problem right

Problem Solution Problem Row Media Text
O46 Problem Solution Problem Row Media Text

- Click to enlarge

Row two:  solution

  • chapter “solution” (Bold Font, Paragraph)
  • This is one row in the tiny table
  • explanation text  of problem left
  • and screenshot of problem right
  • Whenever possible provide a link (like link to a WordPress installation)
    (not needed for programs)

Problem Solution Solution Row
O46 Problem Solution Solution Row

- Click to enlarge

Solution Screen

another example for a solution screen.

Solution Screen
O47 Solution Screen

. - Click to enlarge

Problem Solution Template

Snagit problem solution is our template.

They have something better, they use animated GIFs.

They do not use problem solution

Problem Solution snagit
Problem Solution snagit

- Click to enlarge

Problem, solution in one Row

  • Keyword is the title
  • problem
  • solution

When we have do not have a problem yet, but just an estimate we use one row.

Short form




video name: Problem solution in one row

(No trello link)

Trello Summary: Empty


Problem Solution on Existing Pages

video name: Problem Solution Sections Existing pages

Video Link to Trello


  • Look at screenshots in existing pages
  • If they are problem screens
    –> Create a problem snippet and describe problem
  • write the solution using solution snippet.
  • When you see several problem screen
    –> Create problem section under existing one
  • Usually Section under the main chapter, sometimes own chapter



Example: Chapter Base Software
new Section/Chapter: Problems Base Software


Video Name: Problem Solution Screen

Video Link to Trello

Things to Do (Trello Summary)

  • When you see /read things that are solution
  • —> always put the solution snippets and
  • Solution screen –> Put the screen on the page
  • Optional: Put the Solution: into image title
  • Same valid for problem

Result Screen





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