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Y01 Common Functionality

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Syndication Website Tools is paid plugin for bloggers who also try to create syndication sites.

Syndication Website Tools and the Remove stop words plugin use the same GUI, similar to media tools

TagetizerWe should copy some code from Media Tools, also for the Stopwords plugin. In particular the progress display.


For each post or page the plugin has the following functionalities:

  • Replace external links with an internal one
  • regenerate excerpts, tags, meta description
  • create post introductions
  • add tags for the post/page, tagetizer



Syndication Website Tools is fully integrated with the core Syndication plugin and it will helps us, when we reload the posts if we have some bugs or troubles.




All: List all concerned Posts names and Post dates

The user chooses the categories and date range.

Chooses the categories and date range
Then syndication tools show all concerned Post names and Post dates Chooses the categories and date range2

Syndication Tools: Show preview

For all replace tools in syndication tools,
there should be the option Search that does not do a replaces, but shows all ocurrences

Show preview
The option Replace will do the replace
The idea comes from search regex plugin
we only need two options
Show preview2

Bugs/ Enhancements

Sizes of date range too small


For certain months the years are not readable, because the month name is too long.

Increase size of boxes

Search: Date Range must include the post of the selected month

When I select November 2015 to November 2015, then it does not show any posts.




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