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PRIV Mа89 Cleanup Gmail

Page no: Mа89

Cleanup page for Gmail


Cleanup Page 

Cleanup (or Order) pages show the team how to order and organize  the content of a subcategory.


  • Usually it contains a video that explains what to do, what to clean up

Typical tasks are:

  • Move content from one page to another
  • Put all content of one keyword to another page (Example in Gmail, Move Gmail SMTP)
  • Order subcategories on blog in line with Pcloud and Vimeo
  • Move content from WordPress Pro to Doc Site


Types and Page Number:

  1. Cleanup for a whole menu, Use 99. Examples D99 or  F99, O99, S99, G99, Y99, M99,
  2. Mother page ends in 0 (example O50) –> Use 9 (O59), O49,
  3. Master page is normal number (example CM04) –> Use z (example CM04z), P03z,



Video and Pics

Cleanup Gmail

Summary and solution

  • Not a location problem
  • Not a content problem (at the moment)
  • The web interface is working smoothly
  • The whole SMTP is blocked, no matter any condition


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