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P17 How to Copy Page

Page no: P17


Videos and Pics

Archive Page

How to

  • First Step: Copy into Tool
  • 1. Copy the original HTML
  • Often Does not work because HTML contains code Javascipt that loads more posts into this archive page
  • 2. Copy the final HTML text
  • (not modified by Javascript)
  • Make sure that you copy the whole HTML (and not only the text)
  • a. WPS Text (MS Word)
  • Advantage. Contains Links (HTML)
  • b. Wordpad + Notepad
  • (often copies only text)
  • c. Directly into Blog
  • Advantage. Contains Links (HTML), contain also HTML formatting, boxes, etc.
  • Do we want the additional boxes, etc.?
  • Second Step: From Tool into Blog

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