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Second Server




Discussion from Skype on Second Server.

GM, the sites are now down every day during the feed loading.
I am suggesting that we split the into two servers.
New server: Snbchf, swiss.ecoblogs, heterodox, crypto: these are the ones that will stay
The blogs server might go down, feed by feed, or site by site one day, when we see that clients do not respond
let’s have meeting tomorrow on the server and post deletion strategy



1) Less CRON runs
2) Big DBs
2a) Delete Drafts (SNB only)
2b) Delete old posts
2c) Unattached images
— no export, import needed
3) Doc Site
a) Backup Buddy does not work
b) Make independent from servers, WordPress.com or similar
4) Main blogs:
SNBCHF,Swiss,Heterodox,Crypto, ONYX



Ecoblogs Server SNBCHF Server
Austrian OK for shut down
Reason: a lot of competition
High server power
Central banks OK for shut down
Reason: low traffic
Crypto Keep
European OK for shut down
Reason:  missing many feeds
Heterodox Keep for now
but stupid complaints
Leaders OK for shut down
Reason: no response from authors
Macro OK for shut down

works despite ecoblogs server down

Swiss Keep
Plan to redirect ecoblogs.org to Swiss.ecoblogs
Syndication Test server,

works despite ecoblogs server down


On Ecoblogs server: That is currently down


Subdomains First Server with subdomains

Second Server with subdomains

Server Hardware

 Server Hardware

Server Hardware

Further Cleanup


o, 09:43
10 is fine

I think deleting old posts is also a good idea (in particular Macro, maybe Austrian) and not responding author categories
Are you able to do some investigation, how to do best (like export, import or simply delete), performance effect

TNiko, 09:11


TNiko, 09:22

3c) Can delete video, still via Vimeo
4a) Main blog into new server
(idea to stop old server, if clients do not respond)
4b) more feed loading than old server
100€ for each server
+Backup server

TNiko, 09:25

2) c) Unattached Images
3) a) b)
Decide later
3c) do now —> So we see the size of DB
DB: 116 MB
2.6 GB including files
60 GB = Backups
can delete
3a) Backup Buddy buy version
WP Migrate does not work under 1GB
Backupbuddy manual import into PHP Admin (text file is SQL script)
Today: Order Server
Monday – Wed: Install
Thursday: Copy File
Friday: Synching
Today: Reduce number CRONs
Unattached Images
Next week Saturday/Monday: Backups
websites down as usual
feed change did not help?

TNiko, 09:12

no, it is me this time

I had to stop everything to restup the crons

since 4am this night

TNiko, 09:22
no, it was down

and I just started at 8:30 with this

You mean it was up

TNiko, 09:25
i did not understand u

Between 4am and 7 am I was not able to use the doc site

TNiko, 09:26
yes, it was down

and when I got to work, I stop the server, so I can resetup the crons, now it is up & running

I still have work on the crons

Sometimes you are not available.
busy with your projects,
which is OK

TNiko, 09:28
yes, because of that we are going to upgrade the servers so we do not go offline

Any chance that you document a bit?
Or make a little video?
in case that it happens again, and you are not available

TNiko, 09:29
as soon as the server get upgraded, this will not happend

So we had a very good idea together

TNiko, 09:30
I strongly suggest to not do any system administration, because it is too dangerous

yes, I am paying monthly fee for your work
so there should be some garantee time until when u fix the server

TNiko, 09:33
currently, as you know it is not a server issue, just too big crons. When the server is upgraded, the issues will be 3-4 times per year, as before

so u think that the DB is NOT too big?

TNiko, 09:35
the db itsels it is not big issue, when we only read from there

because we have caches

You mean the clients read from the cache and not from the DB

TNiko, 09:55

except when post was never read, which happens often
Can we “force-cache” them?

TNiko, 10:24
it is not needed

it is not needed to keep so many cached posts, which are not readed

True, but when the site is down, then it does not work
When a reader clicks on the posts exactly when the site is down

TNiko, 10:25
we already discuss why the sites are down

yes, should not happen often any more

TNiko, 10:52




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