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PRIV P31l Duplicates and Black Boxes

Page no: P31l

problem Description

When I click on post, coming the category, a black screen appears

Example: Swissmacro  but also seen on other blogs

Same here

Massively  here on Austrian


Reason for problem

The reason of the blackboxes were two which are identically, but caused by different sources (factors).

1) The Stop words plugin

Our Stop Words Plugin doesn’t have function for checking if the url exist and this makes us troubles with a lot of duplicated urls.

2) Feed bug with duplicated posts

Like the other problem, here the problem was again with all the duplicated posts, which we have. The duplicated posts problem was caused by the cron. Now it works smoothly.


The main reason for the blackboxes is where we have duplicated urls, the WP doesn’t know which to show and just stop working. Now this problem is fixed and can’t be viewed again.

Black Screen

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