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PRIV B52 Amazon API Job (old)

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This is the Amazon API job, as adverted on Upwork


Simple Version:

Load data from Amazon into WordPress

Step1: We give you list of author names or Amazon Author ID.

Step2: Amazon API: You find the books on Amazon that these authors have written
Step3: You store the main book attributes (Title, ISBN, Publication Date, Edition, Pages, Author, Link to Amazon, Book Image)
in one or two WordPress SQL tables that we give you.

The procedure should be started whenever we want.
We are Amazon associate.

More details: We want a WP plugin

with a communication between WordPress and Amazon API. It is callable by other WordPress parts as any other plugin.
It hooks into our plugin that adds “books” as new subtype of post with most book attributes in POSTS_META
Each book is one Post in WordPress.

Trigger: “press button” in WordPress

Input: author name, WordPress User ID, category and
Amazon Author ID (if this exists, don’t know, storage of this attrib in WP is our job).

1) You call the api

2) upload the Amazon image for the book into WordPress media

3) make a perfect script, which adds posts directly into WordPress db, following all WP rules for date format, and the given category and author (input)

you should add all the core wp rows into WP_POST, then add their Amazon data in posts_meta, too (Publication Date is core WP and comes from Amazon)

4) Text of the “books-post”: It contains the Amazon image as media inside and simple form of the attributes.
This is an example:
An example: https://austrian.economicblogs.org/books/bawerk-karl-marx-systembohm-bawerks-marx/

5) The uploaded Amazon image is set as featured image.

We want one offer





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