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Page no: S81


SNBCHF Facebook Page

with George Dorgan login

Go to SNBCHF page inside Facebook with George Dorgan login

1 Login Facebook

Manual Posting into Facebook Page

Newsletter into Facebook

1. Choose latest newsletter

Start at 11 am (12 BG) when the newsletter is ready

Go SNBCHF site and choose newsletter

1 Choose Newsletter
2. Copy newsletter URL

Copy Newsletter URL into Facebook.

3 Copy URL
3. Add photo: Create Photo Carousel

Add a photo and choose photo carousel.

5 Upload Carusell and Post
4. Put Text

  • Newsletter of SNB&CHF Gold and FX and put the DATE.
  • Copy titles of the newsletter posts with “-” at the beginning
  • URL of newsletter
4 Copy Text from Titles Newsletter
5. Order photos same as titles

Order the photos in the same way as the titles.

6 Order Photo Carusel
6. Publish

First time you press publish,
for the second same post press schedule

7 Publish Post
7. Do the same again : 2nd post

schedule the same post to 17 h CET


8 Schedule Post


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