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Books GUI and Text




Video and Images

Books Front-End

Books have now the same GUI as posts.

Book in SNBCHF

This is an example of Marc Chandler’s book in SNBCHF and its URL.

SNB Amazon Book
SNB Amazon Book


Book in EcoBlogs

This is an example of Charles Hugh-Smith’s book in Macro and the URL.

Macro Amazon Book
Macro Amazon Book

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Books Back-end

We are able to edit books in the same way as posts.



Books Backend Manual Editing
A24 Books Backend Manual Editing

. Source: Books Backend Manual Editing - Click to enlarge

Old Book GUI

This task has been replaced by automatic load from Amazon.

Book GUI:

  1. The author can enter the data for his books in a list of fields under “your profile”.
  2. The principle is:
    Step a) Rad or the user himself copies the data from Amazon  into the new Book GUI
    Step b) We generate a post from the Books GUI
  3. It should be easy to copy from the old Books GUI into new Books GUI

    Storage as post

new book

Old Book Backend

I made some estimations and here are the results:

Proposal: Convert old books GUI into the new one

Fully customizable plugin, which will have one simple function.  We will add a button under the old book GUI (the html) the button will be called “convert into books” and the plugin will automatically convert them and add the missing details

It can be made by me for 2 days (I prefer it) or it can be made by our team for 5 or 6 days for $250


Additional functionality

We can add additional functionality a new page called “Fill up the author with books”. It will have one simple functionality:

AMAZON_URL = A field where you must provide the URL for book or all books by the author

AUTHOR_ID = Dropdown menu with all the authors
And then the plugin will do the same as the first functionality. Just we can use it for new authors.
It can be made for 1 day (by me) or $100 from my team.



We will have fully custom and customized plugin, which we can sell it. Also it can be easily used not only for books, but for all tag-based sites. We will have control of every aspect of the plugin, not only adding bunch of books. The most important that we can sell it, support it and customize based on our views.

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