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Trello Comments inside the attachments

Put them in to Tiny Table Row

When you see comments to attachments/images

  • put them on the left side
  • right side: Attachment/image

Discussions on Trello instead of Skype

We want to use Trello instead Skype for any discussion on a specific subject.

We should comments on Trello. These need to copied later into the doc pages.



Missing Info for documentation:

Rad makes a tiny table with text to the left side on our doc pages.
What should he write into the left side? When the image is named “Screenshot 2016-05…”?

When u upload files for documentation into Trello, we need a caption/text for the left part of the tiny table

The best way in Trello is to name the file directly correctly on the Mac desktop folder and NOT
“Screen Shot 2016-05…….”


Description Images
A second possibility is writing into text or comment
“The picture shows” (see attachment)




In this case the names of the Screenshots uploaded to Trello should be:

  • SNBCHF with 1353 size
  • SNBCHF with 1248 size
  • CSS old code

The text was “We want to fix the width of the snbchf.com canvas to a maximum of 1336.”


SNBCHF with 1353 size SNBCHF with 1353 size
SNBCHF with 1248 size SNBCHF with 1248 size
CSS old code CSS old code


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