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SP83 Spinning Prototype

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Integration with content aggregation software.

Option 1: Online call of spinning software, similar like it is possible for OCR software.

Spin Rewriter has such an API.

Option 2: Write the spinner ourselves.
Simple Spinner that

  • Uses a synonym dictionary
  • Replaces a certain of number of nouns, verbs and adjectives into their synonyms.
The spinning is the 6th step of the Blog Creator Prototype.

Its idea is to create unique blog content as opposed to the original blog.



Step 1: Create a new copy of european economic blogs

Create a new copy of european blog under domain: ……

This domain will be used for a tests and improving the plugin, before implement it everywhere.

Link to Prototype

Important: No Indexing

for no Indexing and link to page that describes no indexing.

Step 2: Implement the spinner Prototype

Syndication Tools:

We decided to use the Spinbot spinner  for the prototype only.

It fits all our requirements and the quality which provide is fine.

Which requirements does it fit?



I do not agree.





Syndication and FeedWP:

As all our functionalities, we will implement it into Syndication Tools plugin, so we can test and compare original and new result.

The spinner is also implemented when new post is received via Feed WordPress as all our functionalities.



I do not agree with using an engine with limited API calls for FeedWP.

Switching the spinning engine:

Part of the prototype is to test the spinning engine. Therefore the engine must be configurable. NOT PART OF THIS SPRINT

4 values currently:
Spinbot Pro
French Engine with API



Step 3: Compare and test

We did a test and compare many different posts on the test copy. The results are good.


 Where are the results?
For which engine are they good?



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