H83 File Permissions and Access (mig)

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Video and Pics
Step1 Server: Enable NFS Access on the Server (Remote NAS)

Step1: Enable NFS Access on the Server (Remote NAS)

Under File ServicesEnable NFSv.41 support

Important: NFS Permissions do not work for Encrypted Folders
New: Create special folder for new data to be backed up
Add an item

Step2 Server: Shared Folder Allow Access to Client

—- General NFS Permissions
Allow GFS Access


Control Panel
—– Permissions for this Shared Folder

SharedFolder–> NFS Permissions


Step3: Client, Mount Remote Folder as NFS

Mount Folder

Go to folder Mounted

FileStation –> Tools –> Mount Remote Folder –> NFS Shared Folder


syn412:/volume1/video–> No

Mounted External Outcome
Sometimes you might need V3 for NFS





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