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CM35 Portable Apps Framework

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Page no: CM35

Video and Pics

Installation of PortableApps FrameWork

Video name: Portable Apps Installed

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary:

  • Run PAF file of Portable Apps Framework
  • Choose Cloud Install
  • Choose Custom Location
  • Choose the path for installation to be directly in Dropbox
  • no subfolders in Dropbox

Default Language for Portable Software

Many portable software are run in German.

Add English (United States) language instead of German (Switzerland).

Also remove German(Switzerland) language.

Portable Internet Options Language
Portable Internet Options Language

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Solution1: Local Copy of Portable SW

The following explains some issues with portable software. Very often it is related to remainders of the standard (not-portable) software.

Trello card

File conflicts in dropbox

Create local copy of c:\dportable for important SW

Firefox Portable

  1. Remove all old files except extension folder
  2. Install Firefox Portable again on Dropbox
  3. Copy Extension folder
  4. Copy full Firefox folder to c:\dportable
  5. link on desktop


Create local copy
Create local copy

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