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SP50 Content Sourcing

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content sourcing


The main menu item for the automated blog creator.


Overview of functionality



Functionality Details on Functionality Main
Works Current
Nice to have
automation comment
Part of Prototype
Sp51 Keywords Keyword Define keywords that are specific the client’s site. Search the existing site for the client; this may be a sales sites. Definition
X Manual Interface to SemRush
For keyword search
Yes, manual
Sp52 Input Sites Blog and Video Search Find Blogs and videos that are good for the keywords Definition
X Manual Could be automated Yes, manual
Sp53 Satellite-Site Aggregated Blog Site Create a Aggregated Blog Site WordPress Site automatically Definition
X Manual Yes, manual
Sp54 Feeds Creation Add input-sites to Satellite, create feeds Add the blogs into the aggregated blog site in the form of an automated feed. Setup
X Manual Could be automated
(e.g. like Confluence site)
Yes, manual
Sp55 Load Content Load content and filter by keyword Load articles and videos to

Choose articles from the automated feed based on keywords:
1) Define the keywords
2) Load only articles with the keywords
Automated X
Step1: Automated Yes




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