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David Precht Richard David Precht                 Philosopher —– Video Contributor No NO
Elsässer Markus Elsässer Auto Publish Channel, Video contributor 0%   Not only from Channel –> for Niki Investor 9d.) Markus Elsässer Author Channel markuselsaesser.com YES
Erichsen Lars Erichsen 0% Blacklist
Not only from Channel, need black list –> for Niki Economist 2.) Lars Erichsen Author Channel lars-erichsen.de YES
Flassbeck Heiner Flassbeck 0% Economist 2.) Heiner Flassbeck Video Contributor flassbeck-economics.com YES
Fleischhauer Jan Fleischhauer                     Journalist Video Contributor janfleischhauer.de NO
Fisher, Complaint Ken Fisher (Kenneth)         Feed Stopped –> DONE Investor 9.) Ken Fisher Video Contributor kenfisher.com YES
Fratzscher Marcel Fratzscher Auto
0% Economist 2.) Marcel Fratzscher Video Contributor fratzscher.eu YES
Faber Marc Faber 5% Investor 6a. Marc Faber Video Contributor marcfabersblog.blogspot.com YES
Friedman Michael Friedman                     Politician Video Contributor michelfriedman.info NO
Gates Bill Gates                     Entrepreneur Author Channel gatesnotes.com NO
Galloway Scott Galloway                     Economist Video Contributor No NO, why?
Gigerenzer Gerd Gigerenzer                     Psychologist Video Contributor No NO
Gebert Thomas Gebert                     Writer Video Contributor No NO
Hoff Andre Hoff                     Author only 1 video andre-hoff.de NO
Homm Florian Homm 0%   Not only from Channel –> for Niki Investor 9d.) Florian Homm Author Channel No YES
Hosp Julian Hosp PUblish All 0% Investor 6a) Julian Hosp  Author Channel julianhosp.com YES
Hüfner Martin Hüfner                     Investor, dead Video Contributor No NO, why?
Halver Robert Halver 0%   Not only from Channel –> for Niki Economist 2.) Robert Halver Author Channel roberthalver.de YES
Issing Otmar Issing 5% Economist 2.) Otmar Issing Video Contributor No YES
Kimich Claudia Kimich                     Coach / Influencer Author Channel kimich.de NO
Kommer Gerd Kommer 0% Investor 9a.) Gerd Kommer Video Contributor gerd-kommer-invest.de YES
Krall Markus Krall 0% Investor 6b.) Markus Krall Video Contributor No YES
Kirchhof Paul Kirchhof Economist,
2.) Paul Kirchhof Video Contributor paul-kirchhof.de YES
Lucke Bernd Lucke                     Politician Author Channel bernd-lucke.de NO
Lüning Horst Lüning 0% Investor, 9a.) Horst Lüning Author Channel No YES
Maag Dan Maag – connected with Matthias Schweighöfer                     No idea No NO
Mayer Thomas Mayer
George did it
30% Whitelist Wrong Search key Economist 6a.) Thomas Mayer Video Contributor No YES
Markwort Helmut Markwort                     Journalist Video Contributor helmut-markwort.de NO
Müller Dirk Müller 5% Investor 6a.) Dirk Müller Author Channel dirk-mueller.com YES
Munger Charlie Munger 0% Investor 9.) Charlie Munger Video Contributor forbes.com YES
Middelhoff Thomas Middelhoff                     Entrepreneur Video Contributor No NO
See R81
Otte Max Otte no
Look at words like “partei” 0% Investor 6a.) Max Otte Video Contributor privatinvestor.de YES
Palmer Boris Palmer                     Politician Video Contributor No NO
Polleit Thorsten Polleit 5% Economist 6b.) Thorsten Polleit Video Contributor mises.org YES
Popp Andreas Popp

Feed Markus Krall
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Röhls Christian Röhls Investor 9.) Christian Röhls Video Contributor No YES
Snider Jeffrey Auto
Stelter Daniel Stelter 5% Economist 2.) Daniel Stelter Video Contributor theglobalist.com YES
Sieren Frank Sieren                     Journalist Video Contributor No NO
Sander Beate Sander 0% Investor 9.) Beate Sander Video Contributor No YES
Schäffler Frank Schäffler 0% Politician, Austrian Economics 2.) Frank Schäffler Author Channel frankschaeffler.de YES
Steingart Gabor Steingart                     Journalist Video Contributor gaborsteingart.com NO
Sinn Hans-Werner Sinn 5% Economist 2.) Hans-Werner Sinn Video Contributor hanswernersinn.de YES
Schwarzer Jessica Schwarzer 0% Investor 9a.) Jessica Schwarzer Video Contributor No YES
Schweighöfer Matthias Schweighöfer                     Journalist/Other Video Contributor No NO
Sarrazins Thilo Sarrazins 10% Writer, (Economist) 2.) Thilo Sarrazins Video Contributor No YES
Stöferle Ronald Stöferle 0% Investor 9.) Ronald Stöferle –> Currently 6b Video Contributor mises.org YES
Taleb Nassim Taleb                     Writer —– Video Contributor No NO
Thelen Frank Thelen                     Entrepreneur —— Author Channel frank.io NO
Vorndran Philipp Vorndran 0% Investor 9d.) Philipp Vorndran Video Contributor flossbachvonstorch.de YES
Varoufakis Yanis Varoufakis 10% Economist 2.) Yanis Varoufakis Video Contributor No YES
Vitye Robert Vitye 0% Economist 2.) Robert Vitye Video Contributor solit-kapital.de YES
Wagenknecht Sahra Wagenknecht                     Politician —– Author Channel sahra-wagenknecht.de NO
Williams Judith Williams                     Journalist content about cosmetic No NO
Zitelmann Rainer Zitelmann                     Author Author Channel rainer-zitelmann.com NO

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