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Follow our follower


We usually follow our new followers, if they are interesting.

  1. Click on the name of the user, which you want to follow
  2. Then Click on the 3 dots on the left side (see screen)
  3. Click on Follow from accounts… (see screen)
    We follow only people that have some followers, some interesting content.
  4. New window will popup with all logged in accounts in tweetdeck
  5. Click on Follow button from account which you want to follow
  6. Tweetdeck has columns for each twitter account
  7. We follow from the account where the action (retweet, like, etc.)
    Austrian, Central Banks, Dorgang….
  8. Example: when you are looking at Austrian Economicblogs account
  9. You have to follow from this account and so on



How to Follow from Tweetdeck
How to Follow from Tweetdeck

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Tools for Unfollow and Follow






UnfollowedMe Tool Information
UnfollowedMe Tool Information

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