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Content-based Filtering

  • Text-filter for feedWP
  • “Throw away” posts that do not contain keywords
  • GUI to enter that are accepted
  • Target Words: Definable List: Example (“SNB”, “Swiss”)
  • when word “SNB” “Swiss National Bank” is found then load post
  • Occurrences of target words inside the post, Example: 3 target words –> get the post –> Category SNB&CHF
  • Example Author: (“Pieter Pulitz”): 1 Target Word in the list –> get the post –> Category “Pieter Pulitz”
  • One rule per category

Google search part of GUI
Google search part of GUI

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Solution Architecture

  • Performance: Reading posts in the feed is no Performance issue
  • Reason: FeedWP has problems with writing to DB.
  • But reading post by posts only requires RAM, we have enough RAM on the server
  • Cron every 30 minutes, only Zerohedge
  • Case insensitive “Swiss National Bank”, “swiss National Bank”, “snb”, “SNb”


Reloading posts

We cannot reload old posts. The filter must be configured correctly when we load.

Example: Zerohedge Google Search

Reloading posts

 Add post only when Keyword matches

We introduce 3 new parameters:

  • Searcgh in Comments
  • Search in Channel ID
  • Search in Channel Name
  • Search in Content
  • Minimum Views


They are used for Videos filtering only.


Current Functionality not entirely described

Current text: Add post in site and assign to category when keywords match

new Text: Add post to Site and Assign Category only when keywords match. Otherwise do not load


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